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Ameego is an online scheduling and labour optimization platform designed specifically for restaurants. Our powerful point-of-sale integrations allow restaurant operators to utilize historical sales information to build a more accurate sales forecast. The result is balanced and profitable employee schedule that provides a better experience to booth staff and guests.

Ameego’s key features

One touch scheduler:

Ameego offers automated one touch schedules that use employee profiles to account for skill levels, weekly availabilities, and time off requests. The schedule is created in a matter of seconds with the push of a button, projecting your costs based on actual employee wages.

Ameego Anyware app (for iOS and Andriod):

Using the Ameego Anyware app, managers can easily and efficiently manage staff requests, access labour reports, and push notifications to staff while on the go with a powerful time and money saving tool in their pocket at all times. Staff members can also submit shift change requests, check their schedule, and stay in touch on the go.

Time clock and payroll export

With the Ameego time clock employers can track the comings and goings of employees using Ameego. Record punch times, compare them to your scheduled actuals, and then download easily for export to your payroll provider – fast and easy!

Solink + Ameego:

Using Ameego’s time clock functionality combined with Solink surveillance means that you can ensure that your employees are where you need them, when you need them, eliminating time theft and buddy punches.

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