DataCandy is an affordable, user-friendly customer loyalty and gift card solution by Paystone. Through seamless system integrations and detailed online reporting, the secure platform helps businesses of all sizes gain better insight into their customers’ buying behaviours and increase their revenue.

Keep your customers coming back and encourage them to spend more with a DataCandy gift card and loyalty solution.

Online Dashboard and Reports.

Boost your sales by using insight into your customers’ purchases to improve your marketing initiatives.

Custom Gift Cards.

Gain new customers by designing branded cards that your customers will be excited to share.

Self-Serve Customer Website.

Learn more about your customers by having them sign up on your online portal.

Solink + DataCandy:

By pairing your DataCandy loyalty program with Solink’s smart video surveillance, you’ll gain valuable insight into your customers’ buying habits and find out which of your loyalty program’s incentives are the most effective at bringing customers back in store. You’ll also be able to identify new opportunities to reduce costs associated with product loss and increase your revenue for a better bottom line.

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