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Freepour Beverage Management’s patented technology is invisible to your guests, interfaced with your back office F&B inventory solutions, and provides actionable metrics to boost your revenues. Freepour reports drive bartender behavior to optimize beverage profits and drastically reduce the labor cost of doing frequent inventories.

Drop your labor cost and pour cost 2% and achieve an ROI of six months on your investment.


Scan 20 bottles per minute, enter full counts on touchscreen, wirelessly send to our cloud. Bottle weights tared out, data sent to POS or Back Office solutions.


Time-stamp and measure ever drop of draft poured, and receive emails and alerts automatically. Detect unrecorded sales, overpours, and even reward staff for good reports.

Solink + Freepour Draftchecker

Freepour Draftchecker can indicate the time that a beer was overpoured or not rung in, and Solink provides corresponding irrefutable video evidence from your security camera system in a format that is startlingly simple and effective.

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