Solink protects your people, profits, and patrons

Security designed for the restaurant industry to help you maximize profits and minimize costs.

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From training to safety and security to maintenance, Solink delivers significant time and cost savings. And that's why I tell people that it pays for itself.
A west Texas Domino's operator switched to Solink's reliable cloud based security software to help manage the success of their restaurant
Cassie Gerety
Domino’s Pizza, Inc. Franchisee, Operating Partner at Sweet Pizza LLC
The Solink platform is displayed on a tablet and cell phone

Key Benefits

Identify Theft & Reduce Shrinkage

Search through transactions within seconds by searching keywords, food items, employee names, order sizes, timeframes—almost anything. Identify suspicious transactions quickly and pull up corresponding video to pinpoint theft and fraudulent activity.

Improve Speed of Service

Identify your slowest and fastest transactions both in-store and at the drive-thru. Set up alerts for events that go outside your comfort zone and pull up corresponding video to gain full visibility into what is slowing down service. Save video clips for training purposes.

Manage Labor Shortage & Improve Operations

Oversee operations across multiple locations to ensure your staff is productive. Video paired with POS data helps you find gaps in daily operations and provides actionable insights to improve operational efficiency.

Solink integrates with Wave Electronics to uncover insights into every shift, site, and sale

Get More From Your Security Camera System

A search box which filters events on a Solink dashboard

POS Integration Provides Powerful Insights

Solink integrates your grocery store security system with POS data to interpret and filter for insights and issues.

We take the grunt work out of the investigation by making transaction data and motion events searchable and pairing them with video for verification to help you identify and solve problems quickly. Data makes all the difference, let us show you how.

Visibility Anytime, Anywhere

Monitor an unlimited number of sites and transactions from one easy to use platform, saving you time and resources. 

Solink is compatible with existing cameras and integrates with multiple solutions to turn them into tools for security, loss prevention and operations

A solink dashboard for restaurant analytics
A mobile app displaying a customer's receipts and invoices.