Gain visibility
and control over
your business.

Sync your video security camera system and POS system data to catch problems before you even know they are happening.

What is Solink? - Video.
What is Solink?
Solink Demo: Solink Overview - Video.
Solink Demo: Solink Overview
Solink Heatmaps - Video.
Solink Heatmaps
Solink Motion Search - Video.
Solink Motion Search
Solink Data Dashboards - Video.
Solink Data Dashboards
Solink Simple Search - Video.
Solink Simple Search

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Solink has the tools you need to grow your business.

Dashboard compiles everything you need in one place

Use the customizable Dashboard to analyze revenue and speed of service quickly. Add insightful widgets based on metrics you care about to easily compare multiple locations, employees, or time periods. Start your day with the complete picture for all your sites.

Solink helps you find what matters.

Find on-site activity in seconds with Region Select

Region Select makes it simple to search for important moments based on motion in designated areas. Color in any area of a security camera view to find out when a package went missing, if the garbage was picked up, or if your customers are accessing certain products.

Search faster with Solink.

Improve your customer flow with Heatmaps

Without needing any additional equipment, Solink Heatmaps highlights traffic patterns in your business. See exactly where customers spend time in your business to maximize your merchandising, layout, and queue formation.

Improve traffic flow with Solink.

Stay in the know when you’re on the go

Available for all mobile devices, the Solink mobile app gives you total access to your security cameras, POS transactions, and reports, no matter where you are. Access live video and all of your advanced features right from your phone or tablet.

Access your business anywhere, anytime with Solink.

With these great features, Solink acts as your right hand.

Equip yourself with a wide range of features to allow you to increase profits, reduce theft, and improve customer satisfaction.

Save and send feature icon.
Save and Send
Simple search feature icon.
Simple Search
Discover page feature icon.
Discover Page
Historical data feature icon.
Historical Data
Custom Filters feature icon.
Custom Filters
Real-time Alerts feature icon.
Real-time Alerts
Daily Digest feature icon.
Daily Digest
Training feature icon.
Health Check feature icon.
Health Check
Live 24/7 Chat Support feature icon.
Live 24/7 Chat Support
360° Camera Mapping feature icon.
360° Camera Mapping
Easy Integrations feature icon.
Easy Integrations
Solink’s dashboard of searchable moments shown on desktop and mobile.

Your business needs Solink.

Find and solve problems in your business anywhere, anytime. Solink creates a dashboard of searchable moments by leveraging your existing security cameras and POS systems.

“Now that we have Solink, managers can search for a transaction easily and are instantly presented with the related video. Being able to view the clip of the employee voiding cash sales quickly without having to scrub through weeks of footage really made the difference in discovering–and resolving–any issues.”

Drew Malsbury – Director of IT at Bottle King

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