Auditing from anywhere, with video linked flawlessly to time and transactions.

Auditing is crucial to your operations, but can be a serious drain on time, personnel, and costs. Using Solink for your audit procedures means a huge reduction in travel and overhead leaving you more resources for solving problems, not just searching for them.

Visibility and audibility for every location, anytime.

Solink is completely mobile and works on any device type. We can also record not just footage but audio recording at your locations. This means that you can be anywhere in the world and complete visual and auditory audit activities, paired perfectly with transactions and data.

Solink Auditing Vis Audio

Revenue and reports prepared for you.

Review sales, compare to historical data, and identify outlying issues with our easy-to-read visuals and daily email reports. It's never been easier to analyze speed, service, and revenue so you can pinpoint where your time is best spent.

Solink Auditing Rev Report

Audit speed and service with connected systems.

Use our histogram and transaction tools to track speed of service, size of transactions, revenue, and even drive-thru data. Use synchronized video clips to determine context and cause, reducing time spent on unnecessary investigations.

Solink Auditing Speed

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