2019 Year in Product Review – Solink’s Cloud Video Surveillance Platform

February 4, 2020

In the spirit of making New Year’s resolutions and reviewing accomplishments from the previous year, we wanted to share with you some key capabilities from 2019 that were driven by customer feedback (and what’s in store for 2020) to help you monitor your business, discover new insights, and ultimately improve your business results and profit margins by letting us do the heavy-lifting for you through your video and data.

Remote Monitoring: Know what’s going on in your business

Solink on AppleTV – Increased accessibility of surveillance video

Whether you’re on-the-go using our mobile app or on your PC digging into the details, having full access to your locations no matter where you are is critical. To add/expand to this, we recently added another way to easily monitor your sites – Solink on your AppleTV (SolinkTV for short). We optimized SolinkTV to provide the best camera viewing experience using the native Siri Remote and attached to any size screen. If you haven’t already downloaded the app, do so and let us know what you think!

Optimized performance – Fast video access

The bar is constantly being raised for video player performance and we recognize this is a key priority for our customers otherwise how could you effectively monitor your locations? We hear you – fast video access is paramount and for us this is an on-going area we strive to reduce latency no matter your location – on the go, in the store, or at home.

Discover: Find insight in your video surveillance data

Dashboards – Get proactive business insight

In addition to video surveillance, Solink’s integration of video with POS (as well as other data sources) provides key business insight for loss prevention. We added Dashboards to deliver even more insight by displaying key metrics (with a one-click drill down to video) that impact your business. Quickly identify trends, discover insights, and dig into areas that affect your profit (i.e. employee theft, discount abuse, misuse of refunds, fraudulent transactions, employee theft, suspicious motion events, etc).

For owners of multiple locations, you can get a better understanding of the performance of each by comparing against the average revenue or against other locations to identify those that are profitable and ones that need help. This helps owners manage growth more effectively.

Solink's revenue historical averages feature.
Solink's location by revenue feature.

Optimize staffing and service times with Drive-through timer integration

Solink’s deep integration with other data sources in your business (i.e. POS system) means that not only are customer transactions linked to the video surveillance footage, you can also search/filter video based on keywords and criteria of interest. With Solink’s drive-through HME timer integration, drive-through queue and service times are now available so that you can find video data based on that criteria to improve the customer experience whether it’s increased staffing at certain hours of the day, more targeted employee training, or promoting how each shift is outperforming the other to drive internal competition.

Motion Search – Accelerate investigations for faster resolution

From our customer surveys and feedback, one of the reasons we’ve heard why you love Solink is because we’re so easy to use – no technical video surveillance background required! Motion search is an easy way to filter what needs to be reviewed – simply drawing the region of interest for motion search directly on the video returns everything with motion detected instead of the painful process of manually combing through video.

Improve: Leverage insights to improve business operations and results

Save time with AI techniques for lengthy, manual processes

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t just a buzzword – it can be used to detect objects (or lack of objects) in video surveillance footage that would otherwise require time consuming, manual review of video. It can also be used to analyze historical data and video footage in the cloud to discover patterns and trends. We’ve been working on Phantom Transactions to detect transactions with no customer present and have tested this at a few different locations to help owners track issues. Whether that’s fraud or policy violations, we’re surfacing transactions that should have a customer present for review. This can also be expanded to detecting vehicles and counting customers to provide more insight into detecting patterns/ trends in customer activity (also in the works – stay tuned!).

Use POS integration to find notable events faster and take action sooner

Solink already makes it easy to find CCTV video linked with a customer transaction using our extensive search and filtering capabilities based on the underlying data. We intend to improve this even further and expand it with people search to provide more ways to quickly and easily find video footage that impacts your business so that you can take the next steps to improve.

Better discovery of trends and outliers for data-driven decisions

We know spotting trends and discovering outliers are important for your business, but you likely don’t have the time to investigate. What if the video surveillance system could do that for you? We’re looking at how we can better detect and notify you of outliers so you have the data you need to make informed decisions that benefit your business.

Get the whole picture with additional data sources that complement analytics

Video is key, but only provides part of the picture. When combined with other data sources, such as a POS system, you’re able to discover incidents (i.e. internal theft, shoplifting, fraud, potential employee training opportunities) that are impacting your profit margins (whether it be customer experience, operational efficiency, or employee effectiveness). Think of the possibilities beyond just video monitoring + customer transactions – as we support additional data sources such as labor data, alarm panel, and IoT devices such as fridge sensors, you’ll be able to view and measure these and the underlying video to get a clearer picture of your business for better results.

Ideas? Thoughts? We want to hear from you!

As always, we love your feedback and encourage you to use the Feedback tool in the Solink platform to vote on your favorite features placed by other users or submit your own. We look forward to keeping you posted – here’s to an exciting 2020!

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