We Found Waldo At ASIS 2014

December 11, 2017
Our team just got back from Atlanta where we exhibited at ASIS 2014, one of the biggest trade shows in the security industry. The office is still buzzing with excitement over all of the positive feedback we received from our technology partners and trade show attendees. Even though this was the first time we hosted our own booth, we were able to generate a lot of buzz on the show floor. If you attended ASIS, then you’ll know that I’m talking about Waldo.

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We Found Waldo

From reviewing a customer service incident to tracking down a fraudster, every business has experienced the tedious task of manually scanning security footage to locate a target or an event. This “Where’s Waldo” process is known as time and location search. At Solink, we believe there’s a better way to search video data. That’s why we created and explained how event-driven video discovery is putting an end to time and location search.

During the show, a couple of us were seen walking around in Where’s Waldo costumes. Being one of the Waldos, I was frequently stopped by curious attendees. Many others came by our booth to figure out what our “we found waldo” campaign was all about.

ASIS is always an opportunity to catch up with old friends, as well as to meet some new faces.

We took advantage of the hundreds of cameras on site to get a bit more creative with our hiding spots. Search-driven applications, such as this face recognition one from Intelligent Security Systems, were a very noticeable trend this year.

Can you spot Waldo?

It’s pretty fair to say that after ASIS 2014 we all felt like this:

But we are certainly not slowing down. Our experience at ASIS only validated our mission to make video data meaningful and accessible across the entire enterprise. Solon, our Head of Platform, perfectly summed up our post-show attitude:

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