Solink Raises $100,000 for Tim Horton Children’s Foundation

January 16, 2019
This year, Solink worked with the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation for a special special project: our Double Double Challenge.

The Challenge: For every Tim Hortons location that became a Solink user this year, we would donate $100 to the Children’s Foundation. The ‘Double’ part was the real challenge, though: if Solink managed to hit its goal of reaching 500 new Tim Hortons locations this year, we pledged to double our donation–that would be $100,000 total.

It was a big undertaking, but the Solink team and our existing Tim Hortons franchisee customers were ready to take it on.

We visited many of the Foundation’s charity events this year, encouraging franchisees to join the Challenge.

Solink At Tim Hortons Events
Solink visited many charity events to spread the word about our Challenge.

We particpated in Camp Day, delivering treats to our neighbouring companies in the tech park and washing cars at Tim Hortons locations.

Tim Hortons Camp Day 800
Camp Day adventures: Solink team members washing cars and delivering Camp Day orders to colleagues on campus.

Our Sales team spent countless hours providing demos, offering Solink training sessions at shows, and spending tons of time with franchisees–where we get the best feedback and ideas for improving our platform!

Tim Hortons Solink Show
Our team hit up conferences, educating franchisees on our platform and its many uses.

With the additional announcement that Solink was selected as Schedule A security vendor of choice for the entire Tim Hortons brand, we were sure we could make this Challenge deadline.

Sure enough, before the ball dropped on 2019, Solink had 500 new Tim Hortons locations using our platform, and we are so proud to announce that we have reached our goal and are donating $100,000 to the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation!

Image From I Os 16
Franchisees signed our progress banner as we rounded the corner towards the goal.

Thank you to the Foundation for supporting us on this wild challenge! Thank you to all our pre-existing Tim Hortons Franchisees who spread the word and the love about Solink and our campaign. Thank you to those who increased their own usership to help meet the Challenge, and a hearty welcome to all our new Tim Hortons users!

The Children’s Foundation is such a daily part of life for Tim Hortons franchisees; working closely with the Foundation and franchisees has taught the entire team just how much heart goes into the Foundation. It has been an honor to help such an extraordinary charity with its work; and it is an honor every day to work with the extraordinary franchisees and their businesses–that’s an honor we look forward to enjoying for many years to come.