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WiFi camera

WiFi cameras use WiFi signals to transmit video data, which can be useful for when a power over Ethernet (PoE) cable cannot be laid. It comes with lower reliability and a shorter maximum transmission range.

What are WiFi cameras?

WiFi cameras transmit their video data using WiFi signals. This comes with several advantages but also some major disadvantages.

WiFi camera advantages:

  • WiFi cameras can be installed more easily as they do not require a wired connection to the main station.
  • WiFi battery cameras can be installed anywhere with zero connections.
  • WiFi cameras can generally be moved more easily, making them useful when deciding on a final security camera layout.

WiFi camera disadvantages:

  • WiFi cameras are less reliable than wired cameras. Other WiFi connections, walls, and obstructions can interfere with the WiFi connection, resulting in lost video footage.
  • WiFi transmission has a maximum range of roughly 50 feet before video transmission becomes spotty.
  • Battery-powered WiFi cameras should be considered a last resort for locations where wiring would be impossible and are not recommended when any other camera type would be possible.

We have a separate article that discusses everything you need to know about business security camera systems, including dome cameras.

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Why are WiFi cameras important?

WiFi cameras open up new potential locations for security cameras, as well as the chance to move cameras more easily. While they are not recommended when PoE cameras are an option, WiFi cameras are important security infrastructure for locations where other security cameras are not possible. They also suffice where lower robustness is acceptable, for example residential doorbell cameras.

Solink is compatible with most WiFi cameras on the market today. However, when possible, it is recommended that you choose a more reliable, wired PoE camera. Here’s a comprehensive list of the security cameras compatible with Solink’s platform.

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Find suspicious cash handling within your business

Learn how easy it is to uncover suspicious cash handling in our self-guided tour.