How Video Security Systems Redefine Customer Experience and Brand Standards

December 5, 2019

Loyalty and reward programs are a common method to attract and retain customers across the retail and restaurant landscapes. But it’s important to bear in mind that a financial incentive alone does not make for loyal and repeat customers.

According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers survey, one in three consumers say they will walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience. Speed, convenience and friendly service each score above 70 per cent for importance for consumers in general.

That means you have to deliver a great experience, on a consistent basis. That extends from meeting the brand standards of a franchise, to ensuring that customers are provided the level of service they expect.

Is your location kept clean and welcoming at all times? Are customers presented with engaging displays that encourage them to spend more? Are they being served in a timely fashion, or are they kept waiting for too long?

Brand standards are developed to provide guidelines that address these points because they have been proven, in practice, to drive sales and repeat business. But they only work if they are followed.

Dollars and cents impact

Take this example from a popular coffee and doughnut chain.

Coffee is the item that brings people in the door. Staff are responsible for upselling at the Point of Sale (POS) by asking the customer if they would like to add a doughnut or a muffin or a cookie to their order. The guidelines from the franchisor require that all the trays of these sweet treats in the display case are kept fully stocked.

We looked at two locations of this chain – a larger and higher trafficked location and a smaller and less trafficked location. The smaller location followed its franchise guidelines to keep that display case well-stocked. The larger location didn’t. In one day, the smaller location logged 265% more upsells with those coffee purchases vs. the larger one.

Why? The eye appeal and the temptation of those full racks of sweet treats.

Let’s take it to the beauty counter

With cosmetics and beauty care, there is a similar need to focus on attractive product presentation at the counter. Upselling is vital – is the clerk suggesting to a customer that they consider purchasing this great new lip gloss with that eyeliner? How those upsell products are displayed and presented will have a significant impact on the clerk’s success in meeting sales goals.

The same could be said of a cannabis dispensary, which also has a number of other considerations that we will explore in a future post.

Keep an eye out with remote monitoring video surveillance

If you are an owner or manager, none of these concerns are new to you. The challenge you consistently face is how to be everywhere at once, to keep a constant eye on how employees are maintaining the premises and treating your customers.

This extends to franchisors who would rather not have to incur the expense of having someone travel from location to location for in-person inspections to ensure brand standards are being maintained.

That’s why you need to duplicate yourself with an additional set of digital eyes.

Businesspeople checking Solink's video analytics and footage on a laptop.

As we wrote about in a previous blog post, modern video surveillance platforms combine smart technology with the data analytics that make it easy to watch for, and quickly search for, the video surveillance footage you need to ensure brand standards are being met and customers are receiving the service they expect.

With Solink’s cloud security system, you can be sure that your business is operating to a standard that will leave customers eager to return and take advantage of your loyalty program … without having to be onsite every minute of every day.

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