Ask the expert: Guaranteeing exceptional customer service when managing multiple locations

April 23, 2019
Get to know Joe.
As a manager, your goal is to ensure that your customers get the best service possible. So, how do you do that when you manage several locations? Joe Burum, Chief Operating Officer of GoLaunch Pros, knows how to keep his clients happy. How does he do it and how can you do the same? We asked.

Joe Burum has been overseeing franchises for over a decade. He is the COO of GO Launch Pros, providing ongoing management support to companies like Amazing Lash, The Joint, and Massage Heights. Joe also provides consulting and management advice to new and seasoned multi-unit franchise owners of health and beauty franchises. Joe builds roadmaps for each of his businesses to guide them towards success. His primary goal: make customers want to come back.

Solink: How do you manage training across several locations?

Joe: The key to top quality customer service is consistent training. As long as you have a winning training process in place, it will work no matter how many locations you have. When you know what the proper process is and what it should look like, you can put it in place at every location.

In my experience, if a store is struggling, it’s because they are not following that training process. We look to the camera systems to determine if employees are executing the procedure. Using video to analyze customer interactions makes it easy to identify teachable moments.

Joe Shares How Solink Helps
Joe says: “Solink allows us to key in on specific transactions, rather than having to scroll through the whole day trying to find a specific person. We can go look for them and find them efficiently. Cameras save me an untold amount of time vs having to go out there. Solink improved that by about 75%, letting us search easier, faster, and more effectively.”
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S: How do you coach employees to give better customer service?

Joe: Developing the process is only half of the battle. We need our staff to execute it, and commit to it. For us, it’s getting them to roleplay, practice, and own that process for themselves. I don’t want them to sound like they’re reading off a script. I want them to know that they are owning it and are comfortable with the service they provide.

We’ll watch videos and look for coaching opportunities. We can say, ‘Do you see how what you did is different from what we talked about?’ and then show them how to fix it. It eliminates the he-said-she-said interaction because we have clear footage of what happened.

Joe Shares How Solink Helps
Joe says: “We use Solink as a positive motivator. If we find someone who’s getting great results, we’ll use them as role models. We’ll use their videos as coaching opportunities and examples for our other employees. Alternatively, if someone has had a bad experience, or a guest gives us a bad review, one of the first things we do is go to the cameras again and say ‘what happened?'”

S: What advice would you give to a manager responsible for training staff?

Joe: Your priority should be to get your employees to understand the company mission. Your employees need to grasp the value of your product before they can begin to convince clients. Proper orientation and training are the key to empowering staff to give the best service. By knowing their product inside-out, staff can provide professional and valuable advice.

I always tell managers to make it a priority to get their cameras set up well in advance of Grand Opening. If a customer says they had a bad experience, the manager can review the footage to find out what happened. Using this information, the manager can determine the necessary training much faster.

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