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Rachel’s Mediterranean Grill recovering hundreds of dollars monthly on invalid food delivery chargebacks with Delivery Order Insights

November 1, 2021

Founded in Buffalo, NY, and now with over 13 locations, Rachel’s Mediterranean Grill is recovering hundreds of dollars every month on invalid food delivery app chargebacks using Solink’s Delivery Order Insights.

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Reimagining their business with Solink

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Rachel’s Mediterranean Grill, a fast-casual Mediterranean restaurant, provides fresh, all-natural, high-quality ingredients that are good for the earth, for health, and for taste buds. They have been customers of Solink’s for approximately 4 years, with Solink integrating their security camera system with their POS system.

Using the Solink platform over the past 4 years has given them the ability to quickly go back and look at a specific ticket on a certain day to identify an incident — without having to scroll through hours of video.

“Being able to immediately zero in on a transaction and the corresponding video quickly has saved us hours every month,” said Brandon Guzda, Director of Operations. “And the daily reports that Solink set up for us provide invaluable information at a glance. The Solink system is always up and we know it’s always saving us time.”

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When Brandon Guzda, Director of Operations, learned about Solink’s Delivery Order Insights, he knew he had to try it.

His goal was simple: With Rachel’s in growth mode (adding 10 new locations), he wanted to be sure he had all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed. He wanted to eliminate invalid chargebacks and find a way to maximize the bottom line.

Prior to using Delivery Order Insights, the office administrator would review the individual reports from DoorDash and Uber Eats each week to see the chargebacks, then look up the item code, the item number, the receipt number and manually pull all the data associated with that transaction.

“It was incredibly time-consuming,” said Brandon. “Now, with a simple keyword search, we can see chargebacks listed right on our Solink dashboard.”

Brandon’s primary concern was that he felt they were receiving chargebacks for orders that were actually delivered and complete.

“I was confident that for many of the chargeback orders, a complete order was actually given to the driver. Our team triple checks the orders before handing them over. When we disputed the chargeback, we often had to fax in a receipt and without proof, it became an issue of ‘he said/she said’ between us and the delivery company”.

With Delivery Order Insights, the team at Rachel’s can see video evidence of delivery orders being packaged and ensure all items are included. This video evidence can then be submitted to the delivery company to dispute any invalid chargebacks. This has allowed them to recover money that wouldn’t otherwise have been refunded. In the month of September 2021 alone, they saved $300 across their locations.

One of the largest invalid chargebacks that Delivery Order Insights identified for Rachel’s Mediterranean Grill was for a 12 person order.

“This order was for 12 individual bowls, 4 fountain drinks, and 2 bottled drinks. The customer claimed they only received one bag with just 6 items in it and that they were missing 6 individual bowls and 2 bottled drinks. The customer requested a 50% discount on the order which was charged back to us. We looked at the transaction and corresponding video through Delivery Order Insights and it was clear we provided all items to the driver. We submitted the claim to DoorDash and recovered $96 on this transaction alone.”

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Solink Delivery Order Insights has helped Director of Operations Brandon Guzda save hours of time while recovering invalid chargebacks from food delivery app companies like Doordash and Uber Eats.

“The ROI has been tremendous since the first month. After doing an audit of the savings vs what we pay for the product, it was a no brainer. In addition to recovering funds from invalid chargebacks, we’ve also seen an overall decrease in chargebacks. Perhaps certain consumers were requesting chargebacks repetitively — we don’t know for sure — but the overall amount of chargebacks is diminishing since we’ve been able to submit every single one with video evidence.”

With the help of Delivery Order Insights, Rachel’s Mediterranean has increased their bottom line across all locations. They are expanding the restaurant locations and Solink’s Delivery Order Insights ease of use and seamless access to chargebacks is helping drive their success.

“We really can’t go without Delivery Order Insights now. Once we added it to our Solink platform and saw the results, it’s been steering the ship on the chargeback problem. I highly recommend that any restaurant that’s been experiencing this issue add Delivery Order Insights.”

How will Solink help with expansion?

Brandon sees Solink as a partner that can grow with their brand.

“Solink is able to adapt and go with us as we grow in different markets. Solink helps us streamline operations. It has become such an integral part of our operations that when we open new locations, we order furniture, equipment, hire staff, and order our Solink system. We view them as part of our security team because they are always there for us. With Solink, we feel secure using their system and confident in the people we work with at Solink.”

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