How Video Surveillance and POS Integration Can Maximize Earnings and Employee Performance

January 14, 2020

Members of the Solink team recently sat down with the executives of a major North American quick serve restaurant chain to discuss how our combination of digital video surveillance and analytics had impacted their business.

One of the comments we heard, which tends to be a common one :

“We have discovered several issues with operations and employee conduct, and we have had to take action and terminate employees.”

resturant owner speaking with worker

Business owners and managers often struggle to address issues that impact their bottom line. Some of these inevitably do relate to poor performance and theft by employees.

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a franchisee, there is nothing harder than running your own business and having enough profit margin left at the end of the day from which to draw a decent income. Nickels and dimes do matter.

Any investment in new technology must provide a tangible benefit. It has to prove that it can help to reduce employee theft and sweet-hearting, ensure that brand standards are being met in each location, or ensure that customers are not being left to wait too long in either the in-store lineup or at the drive-thru window.

Holiday headaches

We get it. During busy times, such as holidays or high season, the pressure to deliver good service and ensure good behaviour becomes even more challenging, and vitally important. Let’s be honest, employees are under pressure too – financial pressure, family pressure – that can tempt them to do things they otherwise would not.

So, what can modern video surveillance with the data analytics to deliver actionable intelligence do for you?

Take this example – in one week, a quick serve restaurant recorded 66 refunds. Three quarters of these were cash refunds. Cash refunds are immediately suspect – an employee can run an old receipt from a cash sale through the register and issue themselves a refund, with no one catching on.

With POS integration, it’s easy to pull up the video or a still from the video that is time-stamped to correspond with that refund transaction. If there isn’t a customer standing in front of the cash when the employee runs that refund, it’s a safe bet that the employee just stole from you.

QSR counter

Back office slip

What if you discover that there appears to be cash missing from the day’s receipts? The back office where the safe is located and the day’s receipts are tallied should ideally be monitored with video surveillance. With modern heat-mapping and motion search features, it’s easy to review hours of video in seconds, to isolate those periods when someone was in the room and accessing the safe.

Who accessed the safe and when? Was the safe left open and unattended? Where cash drawers left out, again unattended? Who else came into the room and when? Aside from catching a thief in the act, the video record may reveal an obvious need for employee training, to ensure cash is always properly secured.

Setting the example

Let’s not forget the importance of customer satisfaction. When a customer reports they are extremely happy with their service, the related video clip can be used to train other employees. By the same token, if a customer reported a negative experience, the video can be used to provide feedback and identify what additional training may be required.

Catch mistakes, errors, and outright theft, or obtain valuable feedback and staff training material – with modern video and POS integration, you get it all.

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