​My Experience With Capterra: How To Survive Shopping For Tech When You Know Nothing About It

June 20, 2019
Written by Tanya Ruiter, Content and Copywriter

You’re responsible for taking care of your business on every level. You’ve got to monitor your staff, track sales, and on top of everything else, you’re expected to make sure that the systems your business uses are top of the line.

But here’s the problem: you’re not a tech expert. You know what you want, but how are you supposed to know which specs will give you what you need? You don’t have time to become an expert in a whole new field just so you can pick the perfect POS or security system. So what can you do? Well, we tested out a solution for you and we think it’s going to make your next software search a whole lot easier.

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Sure, we’re a tech company. But we’re not all experts.

Just because Solink is a tech company, doesn’t mean that everyone who works here is a tech expert in every avenue. Recently my Director asked me to start looking for a new project management software to manage the marketing team’s projects. Seems like a simple enough search, right? Well, we had no idea how to get started. Marketing normally focuses on design and copy, not bits and bytes. With so many software options out there, how could I be sure that I made the right choice? Our search resulted in what felt like millions of options, and we didn’t have time to filter through them all.

That’s when we found Capterra.

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Goodbye, long list of irrelevant options. Hello, choices that would actually work for us.

Why was Capterra the solution for us non-tech-minded individuals? Well, simply put, it’s a software comparison tool-but a really good one. You narrow down your choices based on what you actually need, and then compare the most relevant options. Solink itself is listed on there, for example, and has reviews to back up our rating.

When I was looking for project management software, I was able to narrow it down by the specific features that we considered our “must-haves” like the number of users, specific view options, and even my subscription type.

I was able to compare ratings and reviews from real users who weren’t paid by the companies. I could see the good and the bad, and decide which of these things were deal-breakers–all before we even ventured to the product’s website. We could focus our attention on the systems that seemed like they fit all our needs. With very limited time to make a decision, this user feedback was a life-saver.

Your time is too valuable to waste.

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Deciding on a new software system that’s going to cost your business money is obviously important. You’ve got to be sure you’ve made the right decision. Because I was able to compare all of our options more easily, we knew we made the best choice for our needs.

The best part? It didn’t cost us a cent to use Capterra’s comparison tool. Speaking on behalf of the non-tech-minded individuals out there, I can confirm that if you’re trying to figure out new software or systems for your business, it’s a great resource.

Finding your next software solution.

Capterra Comparison

If you’re in the market for a new project management system like we were, or even a new security and operations platform like Solink, Capterra lets you see all the choices you have without overwhelming you with the ones that won’t work. You can see companies like ours listed with real testimonials and reviews from customers without any kind of marketing spin. The truth about our product is there, and with that information, you’re able to make the right choice.

If you’re like me, (a non-tech expert in need of a tech solution), Capterra is going to make your software search a whole lot easier.

Click here to try it yourself and see what our users have to say about Solink.