Solink Feature Update

January 11, 2018
How do you send video footage to police or others that don’t have access to Solink? If your answer starts with “download the video” – Today is your lucky day!

Share video with any email address

Share Video Gif

Solink’s Video Sharing

  1. Never send large video files by email/USB/CD – any email address can receive a secure link to watch a shared clip.
  2. Don’t lose sleep over video formats – anyone with a web browser can view (and, if required, download) the shared clip.
  3. The shared clip is securely saved in the cloud, forever (yes, forever).
  4. For litigation reasons, video is 100% authentic (and every user and access is audited) – un-share or additional cameras with 1 click.
  5. And most importantly: it’s fast & easy – like sharing a YouTube link.

Since our initial launch, we received a lot of feedback. We are happy to announce the updates below for share video immediately.

3x More Sharing

We’ve increased the share limit from 20 to 60 minutes – as always, you can add multiple cameras to cover all angles and share with an unlimited number of email recipients.

Event Sharing

Included the context of your shared video clip by sharing the event – like transactions, bookmarks, or motion from the events page. This ensures all of the information is easily available and accessible to external parties in a single record.

Event Sharing

360 Video Sharing

360 cameras offer an immersive video experience. The ability to pan/tilt/zoom is now available in shared clips too! A 360 camera can replace 3-4 fixed cameras in your location. Any share recipient can see the entire scene by dragging through the video on desktop or mobile.

360 Degrees Video Sharing Demonstration

To learn more about 360 cameras, click here to watch a video of a 360 camera inside of a franchise restaurant.

We’d love to hear from you!

Send us your thoughts and feedback on this or any other Solink features. Stay tuned for even more features in the coming weeks and months.

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