How a Cloud Video Surveillance System Helps Restaurants Manage Delivery and Pickup During COVID-19

April 15, 2020

From UberEats to DoorDash, Skip the Dishes to Foodora, consumers are increasingly leveraging delivery apps from wherever they want through a single app. In addition to the convenience factor, during the COVID-19 pandemic, people are being asked to stay home and restaurants are operating mostly on takeout or delivery, if at all.

The apps can play a large role in assisting consumers and businesses continue on with “business as usual” during trying times; whether this is done through self-managed delivery or restaurants utilizing the food apps delivery service. During times of self-isolation or physical distancing, consumers can still support their local restaurants and businesses can keep their virtual doors open and profits coming in.

The importance of video surveillance with delivery services

It is important for the business to ensure that there are no mistakes in fulfilling the order. The restaurant must ensure that every order is complete and accurate and fulfilled as quickly as possible by its staff. This frees it from any responsibility for what comes after – if the order is late, if the order is damaged or if the driver is discourteous.

With the current circumstances, it is equally, if not more important, to ensure proper health and safety procedures are being followed throughout the process. This impacts the kitchen, the front line worker and the delivery driver. These procedures are likely new and adopting new practices can take time.

Restaurant takeout icons.

Videowith POS data integration helps keep everyone safe

How can all this be achieved?

Easy. By equipping the food prep area, the order pickup area and the area of the parking lot where drivers park with a data-driven video surveillance system that cross-references orders and receipts from the POS system with the corresponding period of video footage. Throughout all stages video can be used to check that proper food handling and COVID-19 policies are being followed. Solink’s operations management system features advanced filtering and search tools to easily search hours of video footage in seconds to find the visual evidence related to a specific transaction.

With this kind of remote video monitoring on every area of the restaurant operation that is related to fulfilling food app orders, any of the following questions can be answered quickly:

  • Did the restaurant staff complete the order on time?
  • Did anyone do a last check to ensure there were no mistakes or omissions?
  • Did the restaurant staff follow safe food handling procedures?
  • Was the driver wearing proper PPE?
  • When did the driver leave?
Order pickup in restaurant.

This makes it easier to determine responsibility, and who should cover the cost, when a problem arises. Constant video surveillance also provides assurance that everyone involved is doing their part to flatten the curve. Video footage and the relevant POS transaction data become hard evidence to resolve any disputes between restaurant, service or driver.

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