​Get To Know Solink: Considerate Concierge Stephanie Wong

June 20, 2019

Meet Stephanie.

Stephanie Wong has been with Solink for a year and a half, and in that time she’s not only identified a gap in the customer experience, but she figured out how to fill it. Stephanie helped develop a new department to better serve the customers. Learn how Stephanie found her perfect role here at Solink.

What is your job title?

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I am a Concierge and On-Boarding Specialist in the Operations department.

Tell us a bit about your career path, and how you got to where you are now.

I recently graduated from the University of Ottawa. During my years at university, I was running a residential window cleaning business, and went on to coach students who were running their own businesses. After doing an exchange program abroad in France, I came back and began working in an optometrist’s office. I knew Michele Marchand (Solink’s Operations Coordinator) and she was the one who told me there were openings at the company.

I came in for an interview in Customer Success, but during my interview, Solink’s CEO Mike Matta saw potential in me and brought in the VP of Sales to talk about a sales role. They brought me on as an account executive. However, after a few months, I wanted a change. I saw a gap in the customer experience, and so I helped create the Concierge Team.

How does working at Solink help you advance your career?

One of the main things is that there are people here that are really good at what they do. Seeing how the lead, how they manage, and how dedicated they are to their jobs–that’s something that’s really inspiring. I hope to have that in my career.

Second, because the tech industry is not my background, I’m constantly forced to ask questions to better understand what I need to do and why. I’m forced to work harder, which helps me learn more as I go.

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What do you like about working with Solink customers?

I really like working with the customers, especially knowing how dependent they are on the product. They rely on Solink to manage their business. I like knowing they come to me with their problem because they’re almost surprised and happy that we’re able to fix it. It’s nice to impress the customer with the service we can provide. It’s fulfilling to know that customers trust you with their problems.

What do you like about working in the Operations department?

I like that there are so many moving pieces. You would think that because it’s a software-as-a-service that it would be simple to deploy, but there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make it seamless for the customer. I like to manage those moving pieces to make sure that every single install gets done to the customer’s satisfaction.

In operations, we have a really nice team dynamic where we have fun and we learn from each other. We’ve got a mix of new employees and long-term employees; being there to see the department grow is fun.

Is there anything hard about being in the tech industry?

Women Of Solink June
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Being in the tech industry, there’s a lot of micro, back end, bits-and-bytes-type of information, but my mind doesn’t work like that. My strengths are in the soft skills. Our field technicians configure the technology, but my strengths compliment them well.

I talk to the customer to find out what they want because often they’re not technical either. They don’t know what they need on a technical level, but they know how they want something to work for them. I can relay that information and act as the go-to for the customers.

For you, what makes a team or workplace feel like it really invites and welcomes gender diversity?

We all have our strengths, we all do different things, but we all appreciate that. Whether it’s soft skills or technical skills, you need them both to run any of the departments. The fact that it feels like it happens naturally at Solink is really great.

Any advice for other women looking to grow their career in tech?

You don’t need a background in tech to be working in the field-or even at Solink. Our customers are not necessarily the VP of Technology or even in an IT department. As we grow and as we continue to focus on the customer experience, it becomes clear that anybody who is willing to do a good job and give customers the best service possible can succeed in tech-or anywhere!

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