The future of brick-and-mortar business is smart: How Solink is ushering in the age of the smart business.

June 25, 2018

What is ‘smart’ and when does it help business?

The concept of ‘smart’ is used a lot when discussing connected homes, automated vehicle systems, or wifi-friendly cities. But how are all these tech advances going to benefit brick-and-mortar businesses, where we need more than a way to flip lights on and off, or turn on a radio? In business, ‘smart’ must be something that drives growth and supports key departments like loss prevention, security, and operations.

There’s a missing link between smart and traditional business.

Most retail, restaurant, and financial institutions already contain everything they needed to be smart; the trouble is, these systems aren’t smart on their own.

Currently, storefront-style businesses manage daily business needs with tried-and-true systems:
point of sale (POS) systems,
video cameras,
employee logins,
key cards,
vault codes,
drive thru sensors, and
inventory scanners

…to name the most common. These systems create huge volumes of data–receipts, footage, timestamps, etc–with the most important key points of data hidden within the mess. For many businesses, the missing link is a hub that can connect these systems and find intersecting data within the endless stream of information.

Solink brings smart to traditional business.

Solink is an innovative app built specifically for brick-and-mortar businesses. Solink’s platform acts as the hub that connects a business’ daily systems, finds the key points of data, and creates alerts and reports. The best part of all: Solink provides perfectly-synced video clips that give visual context to any report or alert. With the mass of raw data filtered through Solink’s smart platform, businesses can finally take advantage of the growing ‘smart’ movement–they can become smart businesses.

What’s the value of smart, as envisioned by Solink?

Imagine having total visibility into all of your locations, all from your laptop or phone. Be alerted of motion around a back room or vault, with video clips to match. Get daily reports whenever voids are performed on cash–with a link to the exact moment on video when the transaction occurred. Review sales by day, employee, cash register, and location. Review customer count, revenue, and video to determine solutions for operations or staffing.

The smart business vision is a paradigm shift.

Suddenly all those old systems we take for granted aren’t just pricey obligations sucking up time and money; they’re the satellites sending invaluable data back to the hub–Solink. With precision reports and alerts, Solink helps to make informed decisions for loss prevention, security, and operations across an entire business. Or an entire chain. Even an entire industry.

Solink is forging a new path for business–the smart path. Learn more on the Solink website; see how smart has finally arrived for traditional businesses everywhere.

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