5 Critical Reasons Why You Need A Remote Monitoring Video Surveillance System: COVID-19 Pandemic

March 19, 2020

With few to no employees on-site, remote video surveillance is critical to guard against theft and vandalism.

Thanks to COVID-19, it’s no longer business as usual. Workplaces have shut down and directed staff to work from home. Retailers and restaurateurs are closing entirely. Businesses of every type have been pushed into risk management mode as a result of efforts to limit the virus’s spread.

For many businesses, a chief concern relates to the risk of theft, vandalism or other unforeseen issues at locations and remote sites that may not be regularly staffed for weeks to come. Many on-premise video surveillance systems lack any kind of external network connectivity – they were deployed on the assumption that someone would always be on-site in the security office to watch the feed or review the video footage. During a pandemic, there can be uncertain response times from business security or alarm systems.

5 critical reasons to have remote video surveillance

As a business owner, or as a loss prevention or security executive, it is in your best interests to ensure all your locations are under constant video surveillance that can be accessed remotely, at any time, from any connected device.

Businessperson using their phone as remote monitoring tool for their business.

Here’s why:

  1. This provides peace of mind and assurance at any time that your assets are safe.
  2. It provides you with oversight of staff who may periodically visit the location, to ensure their safety and to be confident that they are not taking advantage of the situation to steal assets or product inventory.
  3. If an alarm has been triggered, you can quickly verify with law enforcement that it is a legitimate incident and warrants their quick response.
  4. This kind of remote connectivity can also enable real-time surveillance footage backup, with time and date stamp, to the cloud. If vandals or thieves are on site wreaking havoc, they can’t destroy the visual evidence that can be used to identify them, as they could if the video footage only resided on site on a hard drive.
  5. This video evidence is also of value for insurance claims.

All this of course requires that you deploy a cloud video surveillance platform, purpose-built to work with the majority of the security cameras on the market, including yours, to collect and manage their video feeds.

4G gets you connected fast, without IT headaches

If you don’t already have such a cloud security system, this may hardly seem like the time to worry about acquiring and deploying one.

After all, your IT team is likely already neck deep in work responding in other ways to the impact of COVID-19. For example, ensuring that staff with roles critical to business continuity have the secure access they need to continue working from home. The IT department also tends to be rather leery, as it should be, of deploying any new software platform on the corporate network until it has gone through extensive due diligence.

But with Solink, you can deploy this kind of capability fast, with very little IT intervention.

Cloud analytic features icons.

That’s because our cloud-based security and loss prevention video platform is 4G-enabled. It doesn’t have to run on your corporate network. Instead, it runs external to it, providing an Internet connection little different from how your smartphone with a data plan connects you to the Internet through a cellular provider’s network.

Solink’s video surveillance platform is secure and agnostic when it comes to working with existing camera hardware. In fact, Solink works reliably with 95 per cent of the cameras on the market.

Solink is here to help you take control of your business security

We can deploy quickly, to empower your team to have constant eyes on every corner of your operation through any connected device, whether it runs on Windows, iOS or Android, without the need to be connected to Wi-Fi. If you don’t have security cameras where you need them, we can help you address that quickly, too.

In this challenging time, we are ready to work with you and prove ourselves as a trusted partner, without putting any more financial pressure on your business.

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