Get To Know Solink: Sales Superstar Shawna Rioux

February 7, 2019

Solink is proud to have a team full of passionate, dedicated employees; we’re particularly proud, both as a team and as a company, to have a very high proportion of women in every department. This post is one in a new series of posts highlighting the women of Solink.

Meet one of our amazing account executives, Shawna Rioux. Shawna has shown us how taking a leap of faith led her to a career she loves. Her experience in the restaurant industry has made her a valuable addition to the Solink team; hear how Shawna benefits Solink and our customers.

Shawna From Solink 2

What is your job title?

Account Executive on the Sales team.

Tell us a bit about your career path, and how you got to where you are now.

My first real job was at a Kelsey’s Original Roadhouse. I moved up the ladder fairly quickly and worked many positions in my time there. I was a hostess, primary trainer for new hires, server, bartender, shift supervisor, and then a manager. I worked in the restaurant industry for almost 10 years before switching over to a B2B outreach position for the next 5. I then worked as Business Development Representative for a Software Company before starting at Solink in June of 2018. It was really the first job I wasn’t sure I could do successfully, but I took the leap and I haven’t looked back once!

How does working at Solink help you advance your career or skillset?

Working at Solink has honestly taught me so much in such a short amount of time. I really had no “sales” skills when I started here, but rather the ability to get people to give me a chance and hear me out. Since I started, I have been taught so many new skills and I truly feel like I will never stop learning while working here. My colleagues and leadership team always have new ways of doing things and we work together to help each other out. Working here has made me confident that I am now where I should be and I am eager to keep learning and improving.

What do you like about working with the Solink Platform?

The Solink Platform is honestly one of the most impressive tools I have seen for restaurants. Looking back at my years at Kelsey’s, I couldn’t possibly count how many times I would have loved to have access to something like Solink. I get excited about showing my customers our platform because I know once they see it they will completely see the value in what we can do for them. It’s exciting to be making such a huge impact on restaurant owners/managers lives. We’re really the superheroes of the restaurant industry!

What do you like about working at Solink?

This will sound silly but I truly love everything about working here. I love my team and how encouraging and supportive they are. My boss has taught me more about sales in the past seven months than I ever could have imagined and the company as a whole work together to succeed as a whole. We are never achieving things alone because we all know it takes an entire team to make things happen. Solink employees have a passion for what they do and what we do for our customers. It’s such a great feeling knowing everyone is just as invested as the person beside them.

Women Of Solink
Women Wednesdays: the women of Solink gather once a month to network and interact across teams as we continue growing our team.

“The girls definitely rally together to support each other and our leaders encourage us to shoot for the stars.”

Is there anything hard about being a woman in the tech industry?

I wouldn’t say being a woman in the tech industry is necessarily hard; I’d say it’s exciting because right now it’s still so rare. When people find out I work in Tech Sales they are fascinated and ask how I am enjoying it.

Any advice for other women looking to grow their career in tech?

Don’t wait! There is so much opportunity for women right now in the tech industry, and with companies like Solink who celebrate women in tech are so much fun to work for. Don’t be scared to be the minority, be excited to pave the way for other women behind you.

For you, what makes a team or workplace feel like it really invites and welcomes gender diversity?

Encouragement and opportunity; Solink has provided me with both in the past seven short months I have worked here. Our team encourages each other, supports each other, and we all have a really good relationship. The girls definitely rally together to support each other and our leaders encourage us to shoot for the stars. No one has ever made me feel less superior because of my gender.

Any advice for other women looking to break into your industry?

Jump in with two feet and don’t look back. We are making a huge impact on the industry and why wouldn’t you want to be a part of something so new and exciting.

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