A new approach to smart security.

User-friendly yet cutting-edge, our security features give real peace of mind to you and your staff by connecting video to points of data on site.

A smart way to tackle security: visibility and intelligence that guides your strategies.

We're challenging the standard concept of security and making it smarter. With Solink you have visibility into all your locations all the time, with advanced features that allow you to search, investigate, and share incidents with outside authorities. Using Solink for security is intuitive and fast.

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Simple Sharing

Send a clip of video and supporting data to managers or authorities without having to share login info. Protect your evidence without compromising shareability.

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360 Camera

Our tech supports a range of 360 cameras with perfectly mapped viewing, giving you the full picture of what's happening.

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Motion Alerts

Watch for unusual motion by setting motion alerts for certain cameras…or even particular regions of your camera’s view. All moments of motion are recorded in your daily digest.

Video can be smarter.

Solink offers seamless 360-degree camera action, motion alerts on custom views, and transactional data aligned to create context around clips. Now you can watch any event, happening at 1 or 1000 stores, and get the real picture.

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One app, so many uses.

Solink is the hub for your smart security, loss prevention, and operations. The best part is that you don’t have to choose: all our solutions are part of one great app, and because it’s subscription-based, you know it’s always running the newest and latest update.

Solink Security Many Uses

"Solink is one of the technologies we've adopted that has changed our whole landscape for being able to scale as quickly as we have."

Kyle WelchCold Stone Creamery

"Solink is so amazing. Their loss prevention features prevented losses efficiently and effectively. Their product saved my life, improved my income, and earned me numerous accolades from my colleagues. Thanks, Solink!"

Henry McHenryTri Counties Bank

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