Solink protects your people, profits, and patrons

New Feature:
Blocked Exit Detection

Solink combines video security with data analytics and alarms to give you complete visibility into every aspect of your business. 

Now, with new Blocked Exit Detection capabilities, you can proactively detect and address exit route obstructions to mitigate fines and improve safety

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goPuff uses Solink to uncover employee theft
Little Caesars uses Solink to protect their people, profits, and patrons
Goodwill uses Solink to protect themselves from retail theft
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Proactively detect and address exit route obstructions

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Security Solution

• Cameras, installation, and software

• Unlimited product coaching

Works with most cameras

Use your existing cameras or purchase them from our hardware partners.

Recording device included

Onsite storage with customizable retention and cloud accessible video recording.

Cloud Based Platform

Manage video and data across multiple locations from one platform. Available anywhere, on any device.

A cctv system with a laptop, phone, tablet and camera.

Tied with the features you need to protect your business

Remote Video Monitoring

Monitor video from multiple locations all in one place, from any device.

Organize and oversee multiple cameras into one pane of view, allowing you to easily see into every location, from anywhere. Scalable to an unlimited number of devices and locations.

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Intuitive Search Saves You Time

Find exactly when and where exits are blocked, and pull up corresponding video to gain context. 

Track activity in each of your locations from just one central space. Use filters to identify compliance and safety risks on the fly so you can get them addressed immediately.

Share Evidence For Immediate Action

The faster you can remediate a health and safety risk, the less likely you are to be fined thousands of dollars by organizations like OSHA. 

Solink allows you to find, clip, and share any video footage recorded within the platform. So when exits are blocked, you can share evidence of the obstruction to your on-site manager for immediate action.

Or, use Solink’s video clip sharing feature to provide time-stamped proof of theft or employee behavior with necessary parties.

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Easily monitor your business with valuable insights, which can be seen in the Solink dashboard

Connect Insights Across Your Business

Solink’s platform goes beyond Blocked Exit Detection.

Customizable dashboards and reports allow you to quickly monitor how your business is performing and gain valuable insights.

Set up your dashboard to monitor other performance metrics that matter most to your business like discounts and voids, and set up alerts for events that are outside of your comfort zone.