A laptop with a cctv camera on it.
A text message that says please review the linked video and reply yes or no.

Protect your business with video alarms

Reduce false alarms, improve intrusion detection, and automate your business against security risks.

A laptop with a cctv camera on it.

Now launched:
Blocked Exit Detection

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Review alarms with
video verification

Review video footage before taking action on alarm events. Solink’s video alarms solution provides instant-access video verification of the alarm event right to your mobile device via text message or email.

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Monitoring service reduces false alarms

Trained agents review a live video stream, providing them with context to determine if police dispatch is required. Video verification ensures police dispatch only happens when necessary, saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars in false alarm charges each year.

Review video footage of alarm events before taking action by using Solink's video alarm's

Automate your

Automated arming and disarming based on your schedule removes the chance of human error. Schedule your alarm system without manually entering a code in an alarm panel. Customize scheduling to accommodate holidays remotely.

Alarms Monitoring Service*

Safeguard your business with a professionally monitored system that
responds automatically to danger and unusual activity.
This image displays how Solink Video Alarms Monitoring Service works. (Step 1)

Step 1:  
Alarm Triggered

Motion is detected onsite during the scheduled time. Video motion detection is used to set triggers instead of sensors and alarm panels.

This image displays how Solink Video Alarms Monitoring Service works. (Step 2)

Step 2:  
Monitoring Service

Alert + video is sent to monitoring service for review. They assess if there is a threat to a person or property

This image displays how Solink Video Alarms Monitoring Service works. (Step 3)

Step 3:  
Alarm Contact

If a false alarm is detected, the monitoring service will cancel. If further investigation is needed, alarm contact will be notified with text/email + video.

This image displays how Solink Video Alarms Monitoring Service works. Only true threats are sent to emergency services to reduce false alarm fines

Step 4:  
Decide Together

Alarm contact and Monitoring Service review video to make a decision about dispatching. If required, the monitoring service will deploy a smart dispatch and send the video and location information to the police.

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Save on hardware costs

Solink video alarm system integrates with your existing cameras and does not require an alarm panel or additional entry sensors, saving you on hardware costs

Video motion detection allows you to pinpoint sensitive areas in your building to improve the accuracy of alarm events.

Easy incident reporting

Immediately share an alarm event video and any necessary notes with police, insurance companies, and key stakeholders directly from Solink. Save the video clip to the cloud indefinitely and email a copy to external parties quickly. Speed up investigations and resolve incidents faster with Solink.

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View your store remotely by using Solink's Commerical Camera System

Remote video monitoring

Protect your business 24/7 from anywhere with Solink cloud-based business security. Secure multiple locations from one easy-to-use platform available on desktop, mobile and Apple TV. Scalable to an unlimited number of locations and compatible with most existing cameras.

Proactively detect and address exit route obstructions

A real customer example

27 sec video dispatcher uses real video threat.

*Response times may vary

1 min 16 sec dispatcher notifications 911 and alarm contacts.
6 min 21 sec police arrive on location.

*Response times may vary

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