Connecting video + POS data to enhance loss prevention, security, and operations.

Solink creates smart insights and alerts from the raw data your business generates every day.

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Solink Homepage Clean Data IconSmart insights

Turn the terabytes of data created by your existing systems into insight you can action.

Create insight with video + POS data in perfect sync. Solink connects surveillance video with sales transactions and other connected systems in real time, then creates smart reports and alerts for unusual activity.

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Solink Homepage Location Management IconRemote and Mobile Access

Monitor locations from anywhere, anytime.

Solink gives you visibility into cameras, revenue, speed of sale, motion on site, and much more. Our app works across all devices, with every feature available to you 24/7. Gain total visibility into all your locations anytime.

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Solink Homepage Search IconSmart Searching

Seek out events with surgical precision.

Solink boasts the best search tool in the industry. Seek out events using a keyword, timestamp, receipt total, or virtually any data point. As easy and effective as your favorite search engine.

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Solink Homepage Reporting IconSmart Reports

Smart reports catch outlying activity.

Set up reports to catch outlying incidents, transactions, or even motion; Solink will alert you to these exceptions so you can investigate. No more endless searching through print-outs or video; Solink does the heavy-lifting.

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Multiple solutions all in one great platform.

Your business creates endless data from so many connected systems; Solink is the hub that unifies this info and derives insights that can lead to action. Solink can reduce the need for multiple software subscriptions—our one great app can do so much. That means less to pay for, and an easier learning curve.

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Loss Prevention

Whether it’s employee theft or a register scam, you’ll catch it with Solink's features designed with LP in mind.

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Take better care of your valuable assets and employees by identifying unsafe trends or unusual activity.

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Check in on cleanliness, compliance, and customer service for all your locations with the press of a button.

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The proof is in the praise.

Watch Chris McCluskey, franchisee, share how Solink gives him peace of mind and better control over his stores, even at a distance.

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