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With Solink, you have total visibility into your business. Solink creates a dashboard of searchable moments from your transactions and your camera footage. Pinpoint trends and issues that affect your profitability.

Find activity quickly: pinpoint any area, even in a busy room.


With a flawless 360˚ image, you can pop your head into your business to get the full story.

Easy Clipping

Save and share video clips in an instant with managers or authorities.

Simple search

Search like a search engine. Create filters to monitor specific products, people, amounts, or times.

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“When I have Solink, I feel in control and in-the-know.”

Cody Herrick – District Manager at Jack in the Box


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As a cloud-based subscription software, Solink is a smart investment with low up-front costs. Solink creates a dashboard of data and video, so you can leverage the value of your existing POS and camera systems. See how much you can save.

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  • Theft
  • Operations
  • Liability & Security

* Managing more than 50 stores? Head here to see how Solink helps enterprise companies improve their bottom line.

Solink increases your profits, time, and peace of mind.

Take control of your business with Solink. Confidently find and solve issues fast to reclaim your time, save your money, and lower your stress levels.


Hours per month that users report they regain by using Solink.


Users report they find theft faster with Solink and reduce loss by $10,000+.


Users report saving up to 10% in operating costs.

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“Whether it’s looking up specific transactions, searching keywords, or anything else we might need, it all happens easily with Solink.”

Eric Bonner – VP of Operations for PrimoHoagies

See why Jack in the Box’s Cody Herrick calls Solink his “eyes and ears”.

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The Solink Solution

Solink is an integrated, cloud-based video surveillance and operations management platform. By using existing or new analog or digital camera configurations, it seamlessly integrates with labor management, inventory, access controls, POS, and alarm systems. Manage security, loss prevention, and daily operations for a range of businesses including: restaurants, retail stores, transportation, hotels, construction sites, offices and distribution centers. Solink helps solve challenges and identify new opportunities to reduce costs, and increase revenue for a better bottom line.

Want to see how Solink can help you grow your business?
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