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Solink is a cloud-based video security and loss prevention system. Gain complete visibility into your business, with a powerful platform that combines video surveillance with integrated data. Analytics inform your security, loss prevention and operations to protect your people, patrons and profits.
Solink saves you time by making it easy to find suspicious events. Motion search allows you to filter through hours of video by highlighting an area or object of interest. Pull up relevant video to empower fast and easy decision making.

Remote Video Access

24/7 remote video access gives the ability to view, manage and operate your devices anywhere, at any time. Manage multiple locations from one easy to use platform available on desktop, mobile and Apple TV.

Event Search & Notifications

Input a keyword, timestamp, or filter other data points and find what you’re looking for in record time. Create notification reports that automatically update your team when a condition is met. Send a clip of video and transaction data to managers or authorities, easily and with all the details.

Video Alarms

Secure your sites with professional monitoring and video alarms that leverage your existing security cameras. Reduce the cost and hassle of false alarms and enable rapid response with video verification.

Seamless Integrations

Solink has over 200 integration partners (POS, Alarm Panels, Access Control, and more) and is camera agnostic. Maximize your investment by giving video context to existing systems to ensure visibility across the business.

Cloud Video Security: It's time to work smart

Solink is tailored to each industry’s requirements. We are an ideal fit for most video security applications, and we tailor our product to fit the unique needs of each industry.
Solink’s been a partner for us. Solink’s provided us with the tools that we need to grow our business, to have a more profitable business, and to be a safer business for our employees. Solink’s been a great partner for us.
Jay Hafemeister, a Partner of JH Foods
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