Monitor Your Dallas, Texas Business from Anywhere

Access Solink's cloud video management software from any device - phone, tablet, or desktop, from anywhere
Solink combines cloud video security with data analytics and alarms to give you complete visibility into every aspect of your business.

Monitor more than just video. Enhance security, loss prevention, and operations with one powerful tool.

Access Solink's cloud video management software from any device - phone, tablet, or desktop, from anywhere

Trusted by 20,000+ customer locations in 32 countries

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goPuff uses Solink to uncover employee theft
Little Caesars uses Solink to protect their people, profits, and patrons
Goodwill uses Solink to protect themselves from retail theft
Burger King uses Solink to uncover suspicious transactions

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Read our Texas customers’ stories to learn how Solink helped them enhance security and reduce costs.

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Gain complete visibility over your business

Dallas, Texas Remote Video Monitoring

Monitor video from multiple locations all in one place. Accessible 24/7 from anywhere, on any device. Flexible user access allows for easy collaboration across your team.

Compatible with existing cameras and no additional recording device required. Scalable to an unlimited number of devices and locations.

Dallas, Texas Remote Video Monitoring

View all of your retail locations remotely in one easy to use platform with Solink
Solink helps you filter events that happen within your commercial business

Intuitive Search Saves Time

Solink helps you filter events that happen within your commercial business

Solink helps you filter events that happen within your commercial business. Integrate video with data from your existing solutions like inventory management systems and access control to give you better insights. Search through videos and events using keywords, staff codes, time, motion and more. 

Pull up the corresponding video to identify suspicious activity, operational improvements, or safety hazards

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Exceptional User Experience

Designed with Dallas, Texas businesses in mind. Intuitive interface and easy-to-use analytics tools.
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Always Up

24/7 customer support and automatic camera detection and notification of offline or obstructed devices.
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Powerful Data Integrations

Link video with existing systems to gain complete visibility over your business. Over 200 data integration partners available.
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Dallas Cloud Based Security System

Software updates are automatically pushed to keep you on the latest version. Dallas, Texas business monitoring accessible from anywhere on any device.

Centralized Hub For Your Business

Customizable dashboards and reports allow you to quickly monitor how your business is performing and gain valuable insights.

Set up your dashboard to monitor metrics that matter most to your business like discounts and voids, and set up alerts for events that are outside of your comfort zone.

Solink turns video security into business intelligence to help you monitor, protect, and grow your Dallas business.

Solink pairs video to data analytics which makes it easy to find voided transactions
Easily monitor your business with valuable insights, which can be seen in the Solink dashboard
Receive email or text message alerts with Solink's video alarms
Solink's video alarms allow you to set a schedule for arming and disarming alarms

Dallas Video Alarms System Keeps You Secure

Solink’s video alarms solution provides instant-access video verification of alarm events right to your mobile device via text message or email. Review video footage before taking action on activated alarms. 

Automate your business with remote arming and disarming and scheduled exceptions.

Reduce the hassle of false alarms and get alerted for real risks only with an additional alarms monitoring service*. 

*Optional alarms monitoring service available in Dallas, TX.

Works with most cameras

Use your existing cameras or purchase them from our hardware partners.

Recording device included

Onsite storage with customizable retention and cloud accessible video

Cloud Based Platform

Manage video and data across multiple locations from one platform. Available anywhere, on any device.