Camera Linking

Solink’s Camera Linking automatically creates associations between cameras by detecting motion patterns across adjacent cameras, making navigation across unfamiliar locations easy.

Video Alarms Monitoring Service

Reduce the cost and hassle of false alarms and receive real-time alerts to your mobile device to immediately respond to urgent situations.

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What can cloud video surveillance do for you?
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Gain complete visibility into your business, with a powerful platform that combines video surveillance with POS system data. Cloud video analytics that informs your security, loss prevention and operations to monitor, optimize, and grow your business.
Solink’s video surveillance system dashboard on laptop.
Motion Search

Find activity quickly: pinpoint any area, even in a busy room.

360˚ Camera

With a flawless 360˚ view, Solink provides a full view into your business when you’re not there.

Easy Clipping

Save and share video clips in an instant with managers or authorities.

Simple Search

Comprehensive search engine to create filters for monitoring specific products, people, amounts, or times.

It’s the only cloud-based security system & loss prevention video camera system you need.

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Solink is trusted by leading global retail, restaurant hospitality, and financial brands to help them manage loss prevention, optimize business operations, and ensure policies and standards are being met. Our cloud video surveillance system marries video monitoring and POS systems to deliver instant insight into your daily operations.


Read how Solink manages your business operations, security, and loss prevention in an app that truly understands the daily retail grind.



If you have a quick-service restaurant, full-service restaurant, or a fast-casual restaurant select the industry to learn more about we help manage their specific business operations.


See how to manage institutional issues like compliance and theft with an app that knows your industry.


Dramatically increase your security capacity without adding people can save a property a full-time headcount which can be a 20x return on investment.


Safe and consistent customer and patient experiences while protecting your brands reputation and the integrity of your staff is our top priority.


Giving you total visibility into your warehouse, garage, and headquarters, Solink is your security and surveillance multi-tool.

Solink is built for every industry. We work closely with you to understand your needs. Learn more about all the industries we support.

Watch Cody Herrick talk about his experience with Solink in this 90 second video.

Solink offers the most comprehensive cloud video surveillance system on the market, eliminating the need for multiple software subscriptions. Explore how Solink supports these key areas.


Learn how we empower your team to search smarter and investigate swiftly. Improve the bottom line efficiently.


See how Solink protects your assets and your team with our motion detection and daily alerts for security camera systems.


Learn how to improve daily compliance and customer service with security camera video insights.

Increase Your Profits, Time, And Peace Of Mind With Solink.

Take control of your business. Confidently find and resolve issues fast to reclaim your time, save your money, and lower your stress levels.


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