Improve student, faculty, staff and campus safety with Solink's video security and analytics.

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Solink’s video analytics and security for education campuses makes it easy to create a safe, secure and healthy learning environment for every level of education – from pre-k through university. We can also reduce operating and maintenance costs and, with no servers to maintain, it is a cost-effective solution that scales with your needs.

Whether it’s one campus or an entire school district, Solink meets your security needs.

Easy to use interface

A simple interface means the world when trying to look up information or search through hours of video. Solink creates custom camera groups allowing you to view different kinds of cameras in one folder. Managing multiple schools is a breeze as you can view all the cameras in one school at a time or create a folder of stairwell cameras from all your schools. That way, you can view what’s happening at lunch time in many locations at once.

A laptop screen showing several pictures of people on a staircase.

Health checks and camera alerts

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to cameras in schools is having them go down without knowing. This prevents you from viewing any incidents that happen during the time that the camera may not have been functioning. Solink regularly monitors customer QNAPs and camera health to make sure your cameras stay online and video is being recorded. You can also see in app if any cameras are not functioning as well as get alerts via email if cameras are down with fully customizable alerts to meet your school’s security needs.

A laptop with a screen showing a dashboard.

Tools that work for your school

Solink offers a host of analytics to improve how security cameras in schools operate.

Unlimited users

Give access to as many users as you want with no extra cost. Solink allows you to control privileges like giving someone access only to exterior cameras, or granting temporary access.


Remote monitoring

Solink is available 24/7 on the web and your mobile devices giving you access to all your campuses from anywhere.

Easy integrations

Solink allows you to use your existing cameras, nvr, access controls, RFID, etc, so there is no need to upgrade, maximizing your budget.

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Software updates are a hassle to do, that’s why we do it for you. All updates and security patches are pushed automatically to the device for your convenience. With Solink there is no need to actively manage your security system giving you more time in your day. 

Solink also offers a best-in-class support system with an average SLA of < 2 minutes. With in app chat support available 24/7 365 you always have help.

Get alerts for any afterschool unauthorized visits.

Enable rapid response or review false alarms with video verification sent to your mobile device for real alarms with Solink’s Video Alarms Monitoring service.