Dramatically increase your security capacity without adding people can save a property a full-time headcount which can be a 20x return on investment.

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Like you, our reputation is cemented in providing first in class service to our customers. Solink allows you the time needed to offer a safe and comfortable environment for your guests.

“Solink is an invaluable business tool. I always know it is working and doing what we need it to do without having to be logged into it. In the hotel business, incidents are often recognized in hindsight. You need to have constant eyes on the entire property.”
Troy Hughes
Brookstreet’s Director of Finance

Tools that work for your business

Solink’s goal is to integrate with your existing video surveillance infrastructure to allow for a cost-effective and easy installation or upgrade. Our cloud video surveillance platform integrates with Property Management Systems and security camera systems so that Solink can tie everything together saving you time.

All our features are helpful, but there’s a few key tools that really take the cake.


360 cameras

Solink’s ability to integrate with 360-degree cameras offers you even more insight into your business. Perfect for conference rooms or large ballrooms to ensure all areas are covered. Solink is able to record in all directions and replace roughly 3 – 4 cameras with one 360 surveillance camera. These cameras are ideal for spot auditing events and guest experience as a whole.


Motion Search

Guest slip in the pool area? Maybe items are being taken from your “Self Serve Store”. Quickly search through recorded surveillance video by using Solink’s Motion Search feature. Simply draw in the area that the event occured and within seconds find the exact moment the incident takes place. You shouldn’t be spending hours watching video surveillance footage, Solink lets you get back to providing your customers the service that keeps them coming back.

Save and Share

Solink’s Save and Share feature allows you to do just that – save and share important data in a matter of seconds. Gone are the days of USB sticks, quickly email the clip of interest to management for review or directly to police/insurance to assist with an investigation.

The video data makes all the difference.

Solink gives you the ability to increase your operational efficiency by providing real-time alerts, daily or weekly digests, custom reports, and more. Whether you are looking to track check-ins, guest complaints or staff training opportunities, Solink brings all your data together to assist you in your day to day operations. Solink is more than just a business security system – it’s a business tool.

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