Match video footage to transactions at your POS or pump.

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Track all transactions at the pumps and in your store in one place. Find license plate numbers with ease when an incident occurs.

Improve risk management and the security of your business by comparing data that’s aligned perfectly with video. Set ongoing search filters, and review daily curated custom reports on outlying activity, delivered right to your inbox. Over 10,000 locations trust Solink to uncover valuable business insights with existing security cameras. These are some of the great ways that Solink supports your fraud investigations and keeps your institution running smoothly.

The difference is in the data.

Solink interprets and clarifies the data created by your locations’ systems, and then pairs each moment with security camera video footage to give you the full context for each event. Solink will highlight unusual activity and outlying events, making it easy for you to act on what matters most.

Find what you’re looking for in seconds.

Save hours sifting through video to find what your looking for in seconds with motion search in our self-guided tour.

Learn how to sift through hours of video in seconds with a product demo of Solink's motion search feature

Our platform is ready to take on any challenge. There is no limit to the number of sites we can connect to, which gives you remote, mobile access to each store’s data and security cameras anytime, anywhere. Solink eliminates the need for multiple software subscriptions; work smarter with Solink.

Camera Linking

Solink’s Camera Linking AI automatically creates associations between cameras by detecting motion patterns across adjacent cameras. When reviewing footage in Solink’s video player, you can navigate from one camera to another intuitively without prior knowledge of the site’s layout.

Tools that work for your business

Solink offers a host of analytics to improve how security cameras at gas stations and corner stores operate.


Track important details, from average sales value or discounts to safety incidents with ease on any device. View the metrics that matter most to you.


Solink’s ability to integrate with 360-degree cameras offers you even more insight into your business. Solink is able to record in all directions and replace roughly 3–4 cameras with one 360 surveillance camera. These cameras are ideal for spot auditing your facilities for safety or security violations.


Solink sends reports and alerts to your mobile device or email. Customizable daily digest and push notifications keep you aware of unusual activity without any manual searching.

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Get notifications from alarm events.

Reduce the number of false alarm charges your business receives. With Solink’s Video Alarms Service, reduce the cost and hassle of false alarms and enable rapid response with video verification to your mobile device for real alarms.