Safe and consistent customer and patient experiences while protecting your brands reputation and the integrity of your staff is our top priority.

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Like you, our reputation is cemented in providing amazing service to customers.

Solink allows you to offer a safe and comfortable environment for your guests while mitigating risk for your brand. False allegations against your staff can impact a brand or in worst cases cost you thousands of dollars. Let us give you eyes on your business even when you are not on site.



Tools that work for business

Solink’s goal is to integrate with your existing infrastructure to allow for a cost-effective and easy installation or upgrade. Our platform is compatible with a wide array of POS, and security camera systems so that Solink can tie everything together. Membership conversions and new client return statistics are valuable data points for your business so let Solink do the heavy lifting by providing all these data points to you daily so you can focus on your business.

All our features are helpful, but there’s a few key tools that really take the cake.

360 Cameras

Solink’s ability to integrate with 360-degree cameras offers you even more insight into your business. Solink is able to record in all directions and replace roughly 3 – 4 cameras with one 360 camera. These cameras are ideal for spot auditing locations by yourself or your management team.

Solink’s Motion Search feature allows you to find a specific item or activity within your recorded video. You are able to use our draw function to highlight the area of interest and quickly move through the recording. You no longer have to watch videos to find what you are looking for! When you find what you are looking for, you can easily save the clip.


Save & Share

Solink’s Save and Share feature allows you to do just that – save or share important data in a matter of seconds. You no longer need CDs or USBs to house your important data – you can quickly email the action item to management for review or directly to police/insurance to assist with an investigation.

Solink gives you a training tool like no other. By having eyes on your business even when you are not on site you are able to monitor policy adherence and steps of service. Staff eating or using Cell phones at the front desk can give customers a negative view on your business and impact customer retention. Easily save and share training opportunities with your staff to immediately deter bad behaviours.

Reduce the number of false alarm charges your business receives.

Reduce the cost and hassle of false alarms and enable rapid response with video verification to your mobile device for real alarms with Solink’s Video Alarms Monitoring service.

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