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Your Cannabis Security Partner

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Designed with the cannabis industry in mind to help licensed cannabis growers, producers and retailers improve security, product management and operations at an affordable cost.

Making Compliance Easier

Solink is a customizable and scalable solution that continuously meets the needs of laws governing the growing and selling of medical and recreational cannabis.

Cannabis security system - 2 devices

Easy to use interface

  • Month to Month Subscription Model – Providing you with flexibility to ensure your Solink system is meeting your needs/requirements.
  • Hybrid Storage – Cloud accessible video recording with onsite RAID (redundant) storage.
  • Camera Agnostic – Leverage your existing security infrastructure. Solink provides smart video analytics using your existing system.
  • Monitored Recording Device – Fully maintained and warrantied storage device provided to ensure that your cameras are constantly meeting your business needs and compliance requirements.
  • Expert Advisors – Solink is an industry leader with extensive expertise in the controlled Cannabis space.

Key Benefits For Cannabis Security


Audit sanitation practices and staff compliance with remote video monitoring.

Endless integration possibilities (Climate control, access control, POS, etc…) Over 200 integration partners available.

Adhere to cannabis regulations in your region with flexible retention and storage.

Secure your assets and mitigate risks with an advanced video alarms system.


Quickly collect and share incident footage to protect your employees and customers.

Reduce inventory shrinkage and identify theft with Threshold Notifications.

Protect and Grow Your Business

Turn Video Security Into Business Intelligence

Gain complete visibility into your business with a powerful platform that combines video security with data analytics to improve your cannabis security system. Integrate video security footage with systems data such as access control and point of sale to turn them into tools for loss prevention, operations and so much more.
Ensure consistent and repeatable monitoring of key performance indicators with Threshold Notifications. Be notified when key metrics such as conversion rates or sales are not where they should be, finding the source of the problem fast.
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24/7 Remote Access On Any Device

Monitor multiple locations from one easy to use platform available on desktop, mobile and Apple TV.
Compatible with existing cameras and no additional recording device required. Scalable to an unlimited number of devices and locations.
A laptop, tablet, and phone with a view of a home security camera.

Intuitive Search Saves You Time

Exception based reporting makes it easy to search for suspicious or irregular events and use video to verify quickly.
Search through systems data using keywords, time, date, key code, staff, motion – almost anything. Pull up corresponding video for additional context to empower decision making.
Video paired with data analytics allows you to identify theft, address security concerns, and make operational improvements all in one tool.
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Video Alarms System Keeps You Secure

Reduce the hassle of false alarms and get alerted for real risks only with an additional alarms monitoring service*. Automate your business with remote arming and disarming and scheduled exceptions.
A mobile app showing the status of a store.
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A new approach to cloud video security

Gain visibility and control over your business. Sync your video security camera system with data from existing solutions like POS to catch problems before you even know they are happening.

Hear From Our Customers

“After 2 weeks of business, we have already used the ‘motion search’ feature numerous times to investigate packing errors and staffing issues. The fact that we can easily login from any browser or on our smartphone with the Solink app makes Solink the killer app that is now an essential cornerstone of our business. With no upfront costs and only a monthly fee – it honestly feels like we won the lottery! Highly recommend Solink to anyone operating a Cannabis retail store.”

Owen Allerton

Highland Cannabis

“We did not expect to see ROI from the Solink platform before our stores were open for business. We were wrong. Although there were significant savings attached to avoiding the purchase of physical, on-site storage devices, we saw real value in closely monitoring our construction projects. We were able to leverage Solink’s best-in-class support team to help set up proactive alerts and validate our contractor’s billable hours. If we had used a more traditional remote monitoring platform, we would have never even had the time nor patience to sift through hours of footage. Solink is simply a must-have for cannabis retailers.”

Rony Ahluwalia

The Cannabis Guys, 
Senses Cannabis Group

We Set You Up For Success

24/7 Customer Support

Our customer support team is available 24/7 to make sure you are getting what you need from your Solink system.

Dashboard Set Up

We set you up for success with an initial dashboard set up to customize your system for your business.

User Training

We offer unlimited user training to ensure every member of your team feels confident using Solink.

No Terms, No Cancellation Fees

A monthly subscription model with no terms and no cancellation fees.

Share video in seconds

Learn how easy it is to share video with law enforcement in our self-guided tour.

Share video with law enforcement with a product demo of Solink's save and share feature

Reduce the number of false alarm charges your business receives.

Reduce the cost and hassle of false alarms and enable rapid response with video verification to your mobile device for real alarms with Solink’s Video Alarms Monitoring service.

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