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Ensure the safety of your community with Solink's easy-to-use video security and analytics.

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Solink’s video analytics and security for religious organizations makes it easy to create a safe, secure, and healthy environment—during services, festivals, events, and more. We can also reduce operating and maintenance costs, and, with no servers to maintain, it is a cost-effective solution that scales with your needs.

Solink can source cameras and have them installed or work with a trusted local contractor in your area. Solink will notify you if cameras go offline or motion is detected

Easy to use interface

A simple interface makes it easy to look up information or search through hours of video in minutes. Solink creates custom camera groups allowing you to view different kinds of cameras in one folder.

Managing multiple buildings is a breeze as you can view all the cameras in one building at a time, or create a folder of the parking lot cameras across your entire campus. You can do all of this on a mobile device from home or the office.

Solink's cloud security camera system allows you to proactively monitor your religious organization

Monitor who is entering the building

Alarm code sharing happens. One person forgets their code and asks someone else for theirs. Solink can show you a video of who entered your premises. This is one more way you can keep your people safe.

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Tools that work for your organization

Solink offers a host of analytics to improve how security cameras in religious organizations operate.

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Give access to as many users as you want with no extra cost. Solink allows you to control privileges like giving someone access only to exterior cameras, or granting temporary access.



Solink is available 24/7 on the web and your mobile devices giving you access to all of your facilities from anywhere.

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Solink allows you to use your existing cameras, nvr, access controls, etc, so there is no need to upgrade, maximizing your budget.

Get alerts for any after-hours unauthorized visits.

Enable rapid response or review alarms with video verification sent to your mobile device with Solink’s Video Alarms Monitoring service.