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Solink is a cloud-based video surveillance software. Solink is used by over 8,000 businesses.

Solink’s video surveillance software connects your security camera footage with your POS data and creates a dashboard of analytics and searchable moments. Restaurants, retailers, and financial institutions use Solink to increase profits, reduce theft, and save time.

  • Video Privacy is our number 1 priority
  • No terms, no cancellation fees
  • Solink works with your existing cameras or cameras of choice
  • 24/7 best-in-class customer support with SLA <2min

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Remote access anywhere, anytime

Solink is optimized for distributed locations (many sites across multiple states). Our remote access is one of the best in class and allows you to look at all your location remotely on your phone or computer at anytime.

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200+ 3rd party integrations

POS, drive-through timers, sensors, industry-specific software, you name it. We integrate and use video to your advantage with your existing systems.


True VSaaS offering

Solink is a true VSaaS. Every week/month, we enhance your video security system with out latest update, at no additional cost. That’s different from a on-premise software which needs to be managed within corporate network.


Tailored to specific industries

We are a fit for most video security industries, and the ones we do tailor our product to, we do it extremely well (eg. Restaurant, Retail, Finance, Warehousing, Regulated industries, Hospitality, Wellness).


Best-in-class support 24/7 365

We pride ourselves to get the best-in-class support in our industry because your security means the world to us. Our average SLA is < 2 minutes.


No upfront cost for hardware

In fact, you can almost always keep your existing hardware when implementing Solink as we integrate with most cameras. That reduces your costs and makes it quicker to implement.

“Whether it’s looking up specific transactions, searching keywords, or anything else we might need, it all happens easily with Solink.”