Align video monitoring with transaction data to enhance fraud investigations and security.

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By harmonizing your security camera system with your teller software and alarm systems, Solink provides insight into every client interaction, cash transaction, and vault access in a SOC 2 Type 2 compliant environment.

Improve risk management and security by reviewing data aligned with video. Set ongoing search filters and review daily curated reports on outlying activity. Audit service and compliance for all sites from anywhere in the world. These are some of the great ways that Solink supports your investigations and keeps your institution running smoothly.

Solink is cost effective.

Solink requires no special servers or big boxes. Our model provides instant updates and proactive monitoring and support. We connect with your existing business and video security systems, so start-up costs are minimized. There are also no more pricey replacements of NVRs required with the end of end of life. We add VMS to the security package for a more cost effective service.


Solink saves you time.

Integrated video surveillance, EBR, and VMS functionalities reduce the time it takes to view and understand security footage. This decreases the average time it takes to perform investigations. Easily find, save, and share video clips of incidents securely across your organization and with law enforcement.


How to Reduce Fraud Exposure by up to 81%

Chat with Solink support 24/7. Receive Health Alerts for any security camera issues. Our in-house experts train your staff. Our whole team is at your disposal.

Solink works for financial institutions.

  • Eliminate network applications reaching end of life and costly license renewals, so your company is always current and protected.
  • Implement modern security protocols and system management that financial institutions expect from their technology providers.
  • Customize user permissions to ensure each individual has secure access to the right information.
  • Monitor ATMs, tellers, flex offices, the lobby, branch offices, and the vault all in one place.
  • Benefit from built-in health management dashboards and in-depth audit capabilities.
  • SOC 2 Type 2 compliance.

Eliminate unnecessary service calls.

Solink offers in-app chat and phone support 24/7, 365 days a year. Solink proactively monitors the health of your security cameras, so you are notified when one goes offline or is obstructed. Solink offers fast response times—you can speak directly to an expert in just minutes.


Reduce the number of false alarm charges your business receives.

Reduce the cost and hassle of false alarms and enable rapid response with video verification to your mobile device for real alarms with Solink’s Video Alarms Monitoring Service.

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  • Understand the high costs of the status quo, with its high end of life costs and limited capabilities.
  • Learn about the advantages of a cloud-based surveillance system with continuous expansion of features.
  • Find out why Solink’s secure service is built for financial institutions.

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