Cloud Video Management System

Gain visibility & control over your business.

Sync video security camera systems with critical business data such as POS, alarm, and inventory, empowering you to monitor and manage your business from any location.
Protecting your people, patrons and profits means being able to face new challenges every day. Solink is a secure, scalable and easy to use platform providing an enterprise grade solution that is built to scale. Effortlessly store, manage, and access video security footage anywhere at any time.
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Unlimited locations/ devices

Solink uses industry leading security, to provide you with a safe and reliable cloud video management software

Bandwidth & network management

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24 hour
customer service

Solink proactively checks your devices to make sure their up and running

Proactive health

Works with existing cameras

Leverage your existing infrastructure and avoid complex installations and costly equipment upgrades.

Fully managed

Solink delivers a fully managed solution that includes hardware, health monitoring, installation and maintenance, 24/7 support with 99.9% uptime for unlimited devices and locations.

Remote access

Stay connected and in control of your business with 24/7 remote video monitoring. Easily access Solink from any web browser or mobile app and manage multiple locations from one centralized platform.

Secure save & share

Streamline investigations, audits, and incident reports by securely sharing video evidence with law enforcement. Maintain confidentiality with controlled access permissions, allowing you to grant temporary or permanent access in order to safeguard sensitive information.

Effortless cloud video storage

Solink’s hybrid cloud video storage allows you to easily upload any video clips or specific security camera feeds to the cloud while benefiting from the cost-effectiveness of on-premise storage.

Intelligent cloud video AI

Solink’s cloud VMS goes beyond basic video storage and playback. Advanced video analytic capabilities help extract valuable insights from your video footage paired with data from other connected systems, with features that can uncover trends, identify patterns, and assist in making data-driven decisions.

Security by design

Solink prioritizes security with SOC2 Type II compliant cloud VMS, providing the utmost protection for your video and data. We use strong encryption, advanced access controls, single sign-on, two factor authentication, SCIM and redundant storage to prevent unauthorized access and data loss.

Open platform

Integrate with the hardware and software you use everyday. With over 200 integrations ready to deploy – and new ones being added regularly – Solink helps you stay connected through our open API.

Everything I need is there and it’s so easy to do. Solink really removes the frustration without much expense, and that’s really the key. Less frustration equals more time to do other things.

– Greg Honour, Canadian Tire Caledonia

Flexible and reliable video recording

Use your existing camera system with Solink's cloud VMS software

Leverage existing infrastructure

Regardless of the cameras you use, Solink’s technology-agnostic approach ensures you can seamlessly integrate your current systems, without the need for expensive upgrades or replacements.
Use your current security video system with Solink's cloud video management software

Flexible recording

Using our schedule-based recording, you can define when and for how long you want your cameras to record, ensuring you capture the necessary footage without any gaps or unwanted timeframes.
Motion thinning detects and records only relevant events, minimizing storage requirements without compromising important footage.
Choose how long you want to keep video saved. Whether it’s a regulatory requirement, peace of mind, or simply cost saving, Solink will work with you to find the video retention period and quality required that suits your needs.
Our hybrid cloud video storage allows you to easily upload any video clips or specific security camera feeds to the cloud while benefiting from the cost-effectiveness of on-premises storage.  You choose what stays in local storage and what needs to go to the cloud.
If I ever need to pull a video that’s older than 90 days and it’s on our other system, it’s almost impossible. With Solink, you just save the clip and you’re done. That is such a huge time savings. I mean, it’s so valuable. Stuff that would take hours before takes us minutes.

– Ryan Dzwigalski, Director of Loss Prevention, Cookies

Efficient video investigations

I can use Camera Linking on my iPhone to track an incident through the district, save multiple angles of the video, and share it with the police without needing to manually download the video to a USB stick from the NVR.

– Jesse Rathner, General Manager, Van Aken District

Video AI

Transform how you interact with your video and data by using Solink’s generative AI tool, Sidekick AI. Ask straightforward questions and quickly receive accurate, insightful answers, saving hours of work.
Conduct live Spot Checks on your business and immediately receive AI-powered, actionable insights, streamlining decision processes and improving efficiency.
Designed with mobility in mind — access and analyze your Spot Checks via iOS from anywhere.
Solink’s Sidekick AI integrates with your existing systems, providing valuable insights to inform your operational strategies.

Blocked Exit Detection

Solink proactively detects and addresses exit route obstructions.
Our system allows for near real-time detection of objects that are blocking exits, all without the need for specialized equipment. Setup is a breeze; just define the region you want to monitor and set the time intervals for obstruction checks.
Receive alerts through SMS, email, and push notifications whenever an exit route obstruction is detected. This not only helps to reduce or eliminate fines from occupational health and safety organizations like OSHA but also significantly improves safety for both staff and customers.
Solink Blocked Exit detection uses advanced AI to keep your employees safe and prevent expensive OSHA fines.

Vehicle Wait Time

Solink’s AI-powered Vehicle Wait Time serves a variety of use cases where a stagnant vehicle can equal money lost. Measure the time a vehicle is waiting whether that means it is parked, idling, or loitering in a specific area of your property.
Vehicle Wait Time allows drive-thru operations to monitor visit duration over the course of the day and receive mobile notifications when dwell times exceed a given service threshold.
By analyzing Vehicle Wait Time metrics, restaurants, retail, and financial institutions can investigate where and why customers experienced longer wait times. This insight helps them make data-driven decisions to reduce wait times, enhance the speed of service, and provide a better experience for customers.

People counting

Solink integrates with edge-based camera analytics to accurately count the number of people entering or exiting a designated area.

Learn more about Solink’s responsible use of AI >>
Improve customer experience with real time people counting insights
The system provides real-time data to help businesses optimize staffing and improve customer experience.
Footfall is integrated with your point of sale data to provide valuable insights about your business
Integrate footfall metrics with POS data to provide information on sales conversion and adjust your operations accordingly.
Track effectiveness of your efforts by comparing traffic before, during and after a marketing campaign implementation
Track the effectiveness of a marketing campaign by comparing in-store traffic before, during, and after the campaign.

People counting

Solink integrates with edge-based camera analytics to accurately count the number of people entering or exiting a designated area.

Learn more about Solink’s responsible use of AI >>