Ensure the safety of golfers and staff with Solink’s video surveillance and analytics.

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Solink’s video analytics and surveillance for golf courses makes it easy to create a safe and secure environment—on the fairways, in the clubhouse, during events, and more. We can also reduce operating and maintenance costs.

We can source cameras and have them installed or work with a trusted local contractor in your area.

Easy to use interface

A simple interface means the world when trying to look up information or search through hours of video. Solink creates custom camera groups allowing you to view different kinds of cameras in one folder. Managing multiple courses is a breeze as you can view all the cameras on one course, or create a folder of the parking lot cameras across all of your locations. You can do all of this on a mobile device from home or the office.

Complete visibility of your entire business

Solink provides golf course owners, operators, and managers complete visibility into your businesses from anywhere. Solink connects your video footage with POS transactions to create alerts, reports, and actionable insights of your golf course’s activity. Even in low-bandwidth environments, Solink gets more from your conventional camera system by turning it into a tool for loss prevention, security, and operations.

Tools that work for your organization

Use Solink’s business and operational insights to grow your non-golf revenue, improve golfer experience, and save time and money in the process.

Threshold Notifications

Set clear thresholds on your data and be proactively notified of any outliers from the expected norm. Review employee discounts, voids, returns, and other transactions that could lead to theft.


Quickly find video evidence of incidents to verify customer complaints and better train your employees.


Remote access

Monitor exterior doors, office, safe, fuel tanks, golf cart storage, and other important areas, both during and after hours from anywhere on any device.

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Audit transactions across your proshop and clubhouse

Solink automatically audits 100% of your transactions for suspicious activity and makes it easy for you to review surveillance video.

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Monitor who is teeing off

Booking a tee off for two people and then having a group of four head to the first tee is a common trouble for many courses. With a camera positioned near the start of the course, you can ensure that everyone is paying to enjoy your course. 

Get alerts for any after hours unauthorized visits.

Enable rapid response or review false alarms with video verification sent to your mobile device with Solink’s Video Alarms Monitoring Service. You could even use this feature to make sure groundskeepers are working overnight when they are billing you for their services.