Combining security camera systems + POS system data to simplify loss prevention, security & operations in the food service & hospitality industries.


By aligning your restaurant’s security camera system with your POS system, Solink provides perfect insight into every cash register, order, and sector of the dining room as well as the back of the house. It’s why we’re the platform of choice for thousands of quick service (QSR), fast casual, and fine dining restaurants. Our platform is a powerful tool for reducing shrinkage in bars, nightclubs, and hotels, too.


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The data makes all the difference.

Solink gathers the mass of data created by your security camera system + restaurant POS analytics every day, then interprets and filters for insights and issues. We take the grunt work out of the investigation, highlighting activity and outlying transactions paired in real-time with security camera video to give you the full context for each event.

Share video in seconds.

Learn how easy it is to share video with law enforcement in our self-guided tour.

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Tools that work for restaurants

Using POS data + security camera footage, pinpoint potential fraud and theft; receive alerts about motion in the back office, and even audit cleanliness and uniforms from a distance—our mobile app gives you the ability to virtually view all your sites from anywhere you are, and initiate investigations as needed.

All our features are helpful, but there’s a few key tools that really take the cake.

Visibility at a distance

Solink’s platform can manage 1 or all of your locations, from anywhere in the world. Monitor security cameras and compare sites from your phone or device no matter where you are.

Multifaceted searching

Solink’s seamless connection to your POS and security camera system allows you to search by a keyword, food item, employee name, order size, timeframe—almost anything.

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Daily Digest

We’re always monitoring for you. Our daily digest provides you with a list of alerts that may relate to unusual activity, and even update you on revenue and sales.

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if you are a quick service restaurant

Solink for QSR
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Our platform integrates with a wide array of POS and security camera systems, so chances are you can use all your pre-existing equipment while adding Solink as the hub that ties them all together.

Olo, a leading open SaaS platform for restaurants, integrates seamlessly with Solink, simplifying operations across various third-party delivery platforms. This integration equips restaurants with essential video evidence and order receipts to effectively manage chargebacks and cancellations.

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Reduce the number of false alarm charges your business receives.

Reduce the cost and hassle of false alarms and enable rapid response with video verification to your mobile device for real alarms with Solink’s Video Alarms Monitoring service.

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