Loss prevention
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Solink uncovers internal and external shrink in minutes by making every movement and transaction a searchable moment.
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All in one loss prevention solution

Say goodbye to your silos. Solink brings your POS data into our cloud VMS. By integrating exception-based reporting and case management, you can perform all loss prevention functions in one platform. See all locations, all data, everything under a single pane of glass.

Solink is like Google for your security cameras and POS. You save so much time because you can just type in something and find what you need.
– Haley Cofield, Director of Operations, Royal Blue Grocery
The Solink dashboard. Solink integrates video feeds with POS data so you can find important transaction events in seconds.
Stop discount abuse and return fraud by reviewing every risky transaction in minutes.

Increase safety while reducing health violations

Keep employees safe and locations compliant with health and safety laws. Make sure your workers are using equipment safely and following health policies. Receive automatic alerts when issues occur with Solink’s AI Blocked Exit Detection.

Increase safety while reducing health violations

A blocked exit is detected by Solink’s AI, reducing health and safety violations in your business.

Reduce false alarms by 99.9%

Reduce false alarms with Solink’s Professionally Monitored Video Alarms.

Reduce false alarms by 99.9%

Solink’s Professionally Monitored Video Alarms use a combination of AI and trained professionals to verify every event before requesting emergency dispatch.

Get control of cash handling procedures

Perform loss prevention audits using Solink’s advanced Sidekick AI to confirm policies are being followed.

Get control of cash handling procedures

Perform loss prevention audits within the Solink platform to improve your cash handling procedures.
Effective investigations
Solink collects and organizes the evidence required for law enforcement to effectively investigate incidents within your business. How Van Aken District saves five days a month >>
Remote monitoring
Maintain control of all your locations, from anywhere—from head office, while on the road using your mobile phone, or at home. About Remote Monitoring >>
We used to have products and cash go missing often. That no longer exists thanks to Solink… Now, I’ve weeded out all the dishonest people. All the new staff that come in know I have this surveillance system, so they’ll get caught if they steal from me.
– Christina Liu, Operations Manager, 12 Baskets

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