Solink’s Delivery Order Insights

Recoup and prevent chargeback errors with video and data analytics, all in one platform.

Simplify management of chargeback fee disputes from third-party delivery companies like Uber Eats and DoorDash using Solink’s new Delivery Order Insights*. 

Easily view and search chargeback reports from multiple delivery services in one dashboard. All transactions and chargeback data are organized in the Solink platform so you can identify and take action on invalid charges, adding back dollars to your bottom line every month.

*Delivery Order Insights is an additional fee per month for three delivery service integrations.

Investigate your chargebacks in under a minute.

Search, analyze, and action
chargeback fees with just three clicks.

Solink integrates with the top delivery service companies to gather chargeback data into one platform, offering actionable insights.

Step 2:

Solink will automatically connect your chargeback orders with the corresponding video for easy verification.

Step 3:

You can Save and Share the video evidence to dispute invalid chargebacks.

Critical information right at your fingertips.

Say goodbye to invalid chargebacks and wasted time.

One app for everything

Delivery Order Insights is available within the Solink platform*.

Recoup lost revenue

Get the information you need to fight invalid chargebacks, bringing revenue back into the business.

Improvement identification process

Identify gaps in processes that lead to valid chargebacks and correct these gaps through internal staff training or continuous improvements.

Remote access

Review video footage with the associated chargeback orders on your mobile device.

Delivery Order Insights is designed for the following industries.

With Solink’s Delivery Order Insights, transactions are paired with video so you can dispute invalid chargebacks and identify real order errors to improve your processes. Solink set out to consolidate chargebacks from multiple food delivery apps in one platformith to help businesses in the following sectors:


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*Delivery Order Insights is an additional fee per month for three delivery service integrations.