Video Alarms Monitoring Service

Receive real-time alerts to your mobile device to immediately understand and respond to urgent situations.

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Only receive notifications on alarms that matter

Reduce the cost and hassle of false alarms and enable rapid response with video verification to your mobile device for real alarms with Solink’s new Video Alarms. Video verification empowers you to cut through the noise of false alarms and identify the real risks to your business while using your existing cameras. With an optional new Monitoring Service*, certified dispatchers review video in real-time, cancel false alarms, and send you the video to determine if dispatching of emergency services is warranted.

*Optional Monitoring Service currently available in the U.S and Canada.

Reduce the number of false alarm
charges your business receives

Save time & unnecessary stress

Ensure you are only notified of an alarm event when needed. No issues, no hassle. 24/7, 365-day coverage.

No PINs required

Solink Video Alarms use Solink User IDs, not PINS. This eliminates the need for employees to remember an additional set of credentials and forgotten PINS.

Easily integrate with existing hardware

Solink Video Alarms integrate with your existing camera and video system and does not use an alarm panel. There is no long-term agreement and you get online quickly with Solink’s solution.

Reduce your false alarm charges

Video verification ensures police dispatch only happens when necessary, saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars in false alarm charges each year.

Monitoring service*

Step 1:  

Motion is detected onsite.

Step 2:

Alert + video is sent to the monitoring service for review.

Step 3:  

If a false alarm is detected, the monitoring service will cancel. If further investigation is needed, alarm contact will be notified with text/email + video.

Step 4:

Alarm contact and Monitoring Service review video to make a fully informed decision about dispatching. If required, the monitoring service will deploy a smart dispatch and send the video and location information to the police.

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How does the monitoring service* work?

Video access right on your phone

Solink’s Video Alarms solution provides instant-access video verification of the alarm event right to your mobile device via text message, prior to dispatch.

Remove human error

Automated arming and disarming of the alarm system depending on your schedule removes the chance of human error.

One app for everything

All Video Alarms Services are available within the
Solink app.

Secure access

Guest access can be granted for cleaners, deliveries, contractors, etc.

Video Alarms Monitoring can help in these sectors.

If you have a conventional alarm system, you know how costly false alarms can be. Solink set out to modernize the alarm industry with a video alarm monitoring service to help businesses in the following sectors:

agriculture, automotive, bar/clubs, cannabis, convenience store/gas station, education, fast-casual, financial institutions, full-service, golf courses, grocery stores, health & wellness, healthcare, hospitality, liquor, property management, quick-service, religious organizations, restaurants, retail, warehouse

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*Optional Monitoring Service currently available in the U.S and Canada.