Solink and Cure8 Integration

What is Cure8?

Cure8 is a cannabis IT services provider. Founded in 2016, they help cannabis companies throughout the US and Canada get the IT expertise and support they need to get started and grow.

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Who does Cure8 help?

Cure8 works with cannabis dispensaries, cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors in the US and Canada.

What services does Cure8 provide?

Clients choose Cure8 for various reasons, especially their end-to-end services, hands-on and collaborative approach with clients, track record of successful rollouts, and open commitment to the cannabis industry.

Cure8 can do pretty much anything IT, from basic support to complex consulting and projects. Their services include IT consulting, IT planning, site design, software and hardware procurement, network installation, POS installation, surveillance system installation, managed IT services with 24/7/365 tech support, and surveillance system management.

How does Cure8 help their clients?

Cure8 is known in the cannabis industry because they provide value to their customer base:

  • Get expert advice and guidance when launching your cannabis business, leveraging IT best practices from cannabis and other industries
  • Reduce the likelihood of IT downtime, preventing lost sales and productivity, missed production deadlines, reputational damage, etc.
  • Gain peace of mind knowing professionals are monitoring, protecting, managing, and supporting their IT 24/7/365
  • Reduce the likelihood of compliance violations connected to software and surveillance systems
  • Take IT off your plate so you can focus on other areas of their business
  • Smooth, on-time facility launches
  • One vendor for all their IT needs
  • The best tech at the right price

Solink and Cure8 work well together. Here are the ways Solink adds value to Cure8, and how Cure8 adds value to Solink.

Cure8’s clients get the best surveillance software (with the best feature set at the most reasonable price). It makes setting up and managing the surveillance of Cure8’s customers easier. Solink provides timely and accurate alerts, makes footage easy to find and share, pairs POS and other data with video, and allows monitoring many locations on a single dashboard.

Cure8 gives Solink’s cannabis customers quick and problem-free onsite deployments, manages the software for clients (fixing cameras, finding footage as requested by clients, etc.), and provide the comprehensive IT management the client needs, including establishing and maintaining the local network infrastructure Solink depends on.

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Cloud video security made easy

  • Remote access from any device

  • Save and Share video with internal and external users

  • Save time by searching through video using Video Analytics
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    Fully Integrated with your business

  • Use your existing hardware & systems – over 120 native integrations

  • Reduce theft & shrink – Search by any transactions to review the corresponding footage

  • Reports and Dashboards help you SEE your stores performance
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    Improve Operations without
    store visits

  • Customer counts and traffic monitoring

  • Monitor compliance & customer service

  • Increase profitability by monitoring compliance & security

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