Exception-Based Reporting

Your business intelligence just got smarter.

Solink’s exception-based reporting finds those loss and fraud risk events hiding within your endless data and footage. Leave the monotonous searching to us—we’ll find that needle in a haystack. Save time and resources by letting Solink's smart technology do the legwork so your team can focus on what's really important.

Bring risk to light with speed and ease.

Solink’s platform provides clear and concise reports about outlying events and transactions for all your locations. Track speed of service and revenue/sales by location or employee; watch for outlying data and access video clips that match every event.

Solink Exception Based Risk

Set searches that do the work for you.

Discover patterns of fraud risk, and set ongoing search parameters to catch future events. Automatic search filters support your loss prevention strategies. Solink will produce daily reports that will notify you when events occur, and can be sent to specific members of your team every day.

Solink Exception Based Searches New

Compare context, cash register, or employee.

With Solink as the hub of the connected business, it's simple to compare data, revenue, and risk concerns against any and all other data in the system. Seek out patterns of risk not just within a location, but between all your locations. Send reports and video clips to managers or investigators at the click of a button.

Solink Exception Based Compare

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