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Partner with Solink

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A leading provider of best-in-class physical security.
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Our programs are designed for shared opportunity, growth, and profitability.
They focus on providing value to our mutual customers*.

Solink integration platform streamlining partner operations and ensuring secure data synchronization.

Innovative integration

Solink’s seamless integration capabilities make it an ideal solution for partners, enabling easy adoption and comprehensive data synchronization for enhanced operational efficiency and security.
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Revenue growth

Increase your monthly recurring revenue, offering up to 2.6x more revenue potential than traditional systems, along with scalable revenue-sharing models.
Expand your market reach through Solink’s global customer base with support from joint marketing and co-branded materials.

Market expansion

Leverage Solink’s diverse global customer base for significant market expansion, supported by joint marketing efforts and access to co-branded materials.
Solink's partner program ensures effortless integration and round-the-clock support for ONVIF conformant products with comprehensive training."

Simple setup and support

Solink ensures easy installation and support, compatible with most ONVIF conformant products, supported by comprehensive training and 24/7/365 support.
Grow your business with Solink’s scalable partner program solutions, designed to meet evolving customer needs while maximizing efficiency.

Scalability and flexibility

Grow with Solink’s scalable solutions that meet your customer’s evolving needs, including a user-friendly system, reducing customer inquiries and maximizing efficiency.
Enhance your compliance with Solink’s secure and reliable solutions, meeting top industry security standards.

Secure and reliable

Solink meets or exceeds some of the most broadly recognized security standards and offers solutions to help you address your compliance requirements.
*Program benefits vary for dealer, referral and technical integration partners.

Our partnership programs

Maximize your technology’s potential by integrating with the Solink platform, alongside over 200 other technology partners.

Integration partnerships

Maximize the power of your technology by integrating with the Solink platform. Join more than 200 other technology partners who are already integrated with Solink.
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Dealer partnerships

Solink’s dealer program increases your monthly recurring revenue by offering up to 2.6 times the revenue of traditional NVR systems. It equips partners with competitive pricing and support, including sales assistance for fast deal closures. It’s open to companies able to sell and install security/IT hardware.
Earn income through Solink's referral partnerships, a flexible option for those not meeting full dealer requirements, with sales support to help close deals.

Referral partnerships

Referral partnerships are designed for those who don’t necessarily meet all of the requirements for dealer partnerships. It’s a flexible option that allows you to earn income by introducing your customers to Solink. Our sales team becomes an extension of your business, assisting you in closing the deal.
Leverage Solink’s API to build robust integrations, enabling valuable insights from POS transactions to IoT components.


Solink’s API is designed to enable developers to build robust integrations. From POS transactions to IoT components, pushing your data into our platform allows our shared users to uncover valuable insights.
Join our Solink partnership program
and unlock new avenues for growth and revenue.