Winning in the drive-thru game: Solink’s new drive-thru integration give you real insight

April 2, 2019
Restaurant managers know that every second counts when it comes to the drive-thru, and that’s why having access to your drive-thru video surveillance and POS datais so important. Solink knows that having visibility into every site, sale, and shift simplifies operations and makes business decisions easier. That’s why we’ve launched drive-thru integration with HME Zoom timers.

Solink helps you manage the guest experience, speed of service, and order accuracy that you depend on. With our new HME Zoom timer integration, Solink gives an owner and/or manager complete visibility into transactions and interactions.

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Why do you need drive-thru integration?

Reviewing raw data showing drive-thru transactions and speed of service may help you get an idea of how your drive-thru is performing, but it’s only part of the picture.

Video gives you the context you’ve been missing.

Without being able to see why a transaction took the amount of time it did, you won’t know what action to take. Maybe a guest dropped their drink, maybe there was an issue with a special order, or maybe the guest was asking a lot of questions. It’s impossible to know what happened during a transaction if you can’t see the surveillance footage. Asking your employees hours or days later won’t help, either.

Solink’s drive-thru surveillance system takes the guesswork out of your drive-thru, and gives you all those transactions and HME Zoom timer data, sync’d to moments of your security camera footage. This way, you know exactly what’s happening during a sale, and why.

How does drive-thru integration help?

Drive Thru Receipt

Solink reports allow you to easily track your metrics based on the specific parameters that you can customize. You can be as specific as you need: just filter transactions based on the amount of greeting delay, time spent at the window, or even by employee name.

Look through these reports as needed, or set up real-time alerts and receive notifications in real-time when your search parameters are triggered.

For example, you can set up an alert for “events without transactions,” so you’ll be sent an alert any time someone goes through the drive-thru without making a payment. Find out why there was no payment: did the guest change their mind, or did you just uncover an instance of sweethearting?

Make better decisions

Use the Solink dashboard to take action based on clearer facts, and offer training opportunities to staff by knowing exactly what challenges they’re facing. Identify your star performers and use the contextual videos to help highlight why the policies you have are so important.

Example: you have one employee who has an above-average transaction total. When you check in on their transactions, you realize it’s because they always make sure to offer an up-sell, like a drink or a large fry. A few dollars here and there will increase your overall profit drastically over time, so being able to use a situation like this to train other employees is extremely valuable. If every employee is able to increase their average sale by even a small percentage, you’ll be able to see a huge increase in your bottom line.

By pairing your HME Zoom timer details seamlessly with your security camera footage and POS system, you’ll be able to make better business decisions, train your employees better, and improve your guests’ experience. We’re so excited to roll out this great new integration–be sure to contact us if you’d like to see how Solink + your HME Zoom timer can help you find and solve problems.

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