How Using Solink’s Heatmap Feature Can Increase Sales And Simplify Marketing

January 5, 2023

As a business owner, your attention is constantly being pulled in several directions at once.

There is always something going on and it can be difficult to keep your eyes on everything. However, users of Solink’s video surveillance platform can take advantage of our informative Heatmap feature that will maximize your business’ potential in several ways.

Help give your company an advantage by using all of the tools available to you and find out how heatmaps can benefit your business.

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What exactly is a heatmap?

Heatmaps are a feature of the Solink platform that allow you to see the highest and lowest traffic areas of your business. You’ll be able to see a visual representations of the places where the highest density of people have been during a long period of time, helping give you a clearer picture of how the layout impacts business flow and your clients.

How does a heatmap help your business?

Now that you know what heatmaps are, you may be wondering why they are important for your business and how they could help simplify your daily tasks. Here are just some of the benefits of heatmaps.

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Heatmaps identify ‘dead’ zones / low traffic areas to improve business flow:

When you look at your heatmap, you may realize that there is an entire corner of your business that has little-to-no traffic. If your merchandise is in a place where customers don’t go, they won’t have an opportunity to see it. If you want to sell more of your products, place them in high traffic areas.

Heatmaps help revitalize floor plans:

You may realize that there is something obstructing a path through your sales floor or dining room that doesn’t need to be there. Maybe a display or table is placed in a location that forces your clients to skip an entire display of high-ticket items. Using your heat map, you’ll not only be able to identify the problem, but actually track the improvements based on changes you make.

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Heatmaps identify prime marketing locations:

No matter what kind of business you run, marketing is always going to play an important role. Knowing which areas have the highest traffic will help you identify the best places to place any sales, promotions, flyers, or important notices. You can also use these prime locations to place some of your stock that isn’t moving as quickly by getting more eyes on it.

How do heatmaps work?

If you are already a Solink subscriber, you already have access to heatmaps as they come standard with every subscription. You can access your heatmap through your dashboard and it will overlay onto every security camera view in your system.

It tracks all activity, and displays it to you in a range of colors based on activity in the area. Red zones indicate high traffic areas, while green zones indicate low traffic areas.

If you aren’t a Solink subscriber yet and haven’t experienced all the benefits that the Solink platform provides for your company, we can set up a personalized tour with one of our representatives to explain how this will help your business thrive.

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Do you need new equipment to use heatmaps?

As mentioned, Solink’s heatmap tool comes standard with every subscription, no matter what kind of equipment your company has. Whether you have brand new HD digital cameras or multiple older analog cameras, all systems are compatible with Solink heatmaps. The Solink platform itself is continuously tracking the activity, so you don’t have to worry about upgrading expensive equipment to take advantage of the heat map technology.

No matter what it is you need to run your business more effectively, Solink’s security camera system and video surveillance platform is here to help. Take a tour with one of our experts now to find out how heat maps can unlock the strategies you need to improve your sales and marketing techniques now.