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Ask complex questions in conversational language about video and data and quickly receive synthesized answers saving hours of work. Get instant, actionable insights in seconds. Identify key risks, resolve questions, analyze video feeds, and generate powerful insights in plain language.
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Frequently asked questions

Yes. Your data is always kept confidential, it is not used to train any AI or LLM models. This includes your questions, any input images or data, as well as the answers to your questions.
All your data is only transmitted over enterprise-grade authenticated and encrypted channels. Your questions and answers are stored securely with all the same controls and protections Solink applies to your video and data today, regularly audited for SOC 2 Type 2.
Solink Sidekick AI is an opt-in service under private beta. Your users will only be allowed to use it if you opt-in and add the feature to their User Role in Solink Video Discovery.
Yes. We are able to execute a Data Processing Addendum (DPA) with you in support of your compliance with GDPR and other privacy laws.
We may use third parties in the delivery of Solink Sidekick AI which meet all the stringent security, privacy, and compliance requirements above.
No, your data will never be used to train Solink Sidekick AI or other AI or LLM models.
You can enable this feature on a specific User Role basis in Solink Video Discovery and only users in that role are able to use Solink Sidekick AI.