Combining security camera systems + POS system data to simplify loss prevention, security & operations in the foodservice industry.


Improving speed of service has never been easier.

With Solink you can identify your slowest and fastest transactions both in-store and at the drive-thru, with video clips for added detail. Solink also allows you to search through your restaurant’s transactions within seconds by searching keywords, food items, employee names, order sizes, timeframes—almost anything.


Solink cloud management video surveillance system integration with POS, security camera and other features.

The data makes all the difference.

By aligning your restaurant’s security camera system with your POS system, Solink provides perfect insight into every cash register, order, and sector of the dining room as well as the back of the house. No DVR or NVR needed, Solink integrates with new or existing security cameras making it one of the most cost-effective business security solutions.

Share video in seconds.

Learn how easy it is to share video with law enforcement in our self-guided tour.

Share video with law enforcement with a product demo of Solink's save and share feature

Tools that work for your business

Customizable Dashboard

Track important details like average sales value or discounts with ease on any device. View the metrics that matter most to you.

HME Zoom Timer

Solink takes the guesswork out of your drive-thru, and gives you all your transactions and HME Zoom timer data, sync’d to moments of your video camera footage. This way, you know exactly what’s happening during a sale, and why.

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Daily Digest

Solink sends reports and alerts to your mobile device or email as fast as your restaurant serves food. Customizable daily digest and push notifications notify of unusual activity without any manual searching.

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Solink for Restaurants
“Solink is almost an extension of myself – having someone who is always available to pull up reports and provide all that insightful data. With the value it adds to our organization, I can’t imagine not putting Solink in all our stores.”
Lori Woo
Vice President

Quick Service Restaurants must ensure that employees follow health regulations while also providing a pleasant environment for customers. To minimize possible hazards and ensure proper food handling, Solink gives you the ability to keep an eye on the kitchen and food prep stations from anywhere in the world, on any device.

Solink’s advanced video analytics transform your surveillance cameras into an even more valuable tool that not only provides insights into your business’s day-to-day operations but also offers insight into your restaurant’s possible growth opportunities.

Olo, a leading open SaaS platform for restaurants, integrates seamlessly with Solink, simplifying operations across various third-party delivery platforms. This integration equips restaurants with essential video evidence and order receipts to effectively manage chargebacks and cancellations.

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Reduce the number of false alarm charges your restaurant receives.

Reduce the cost and hassle of false alarms and enable rapid response with video verification to your mobile device for real alarms with Solink’s Video Alarms Monitoring service.

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