Product Updates

Camera Linking

Camera Linking is now available in Video Discovery and on the Solink iOS app. Camera Linking is an innovative new functionality that uses AI to automatically create buttons you can use to navigate between your adjacent cameras. This allows you to smoothly soar across a site with just a few simple clicks.

Camera Links are generated automatically through AI; however, you have the ability to create and edit camera links manually too.

For more info on how to do this, checkout our Help Center article.

Use Camera Linking for:

  • Investigations: Follow a suspect or employees as they move across a location.
  • Performing daily store audits: Easily navigate through a location to see if employees have completed required tasks.
  • Operations: Understand customer flows throughout a store.

For information on enabling and using Camera Linking, see our Help Center articles:

And for a video demonstration of Camera Linking, see the video below:

Multi-Select Locations

We have added the ability to multi-select locations from the Dashboard, Events and Clips pages. Prior to this update, you were only able to view data from either one or all locations, making it difficult to compare data or view cameras from more than one location at the same time. With multi-select locations, you now have greater flexibility when comparing data across sites.

Try it out:

Select the location menu at the top of any of these pages to filter your events by all locations or any number of selected locations:


With multi-select locations, you can:

  • Easily toggle between showing all locations or select specific locations to filter displayed dashboards, events and clips:
  • Use the search bar to quickly find locations:
  • Select and deselect individual locations to filter searches:
How to select locations

For more information on how to select multiple locations, see our Help Center article here.

Date and Time Filtering

With a goal of improving the search experience on the Events page, we’ve added a new filter type to help you search for events from a specific period of time.

You can see all of the available date and time filters by selecting Add Filter > Date and Time category via the Events search bar:


Date and time filters allow you to filter events using a variety of parameters (including event start and end times).

You can now search between two times or by a specific date:


Date and time filters can be helpful when you are searching for events that were created or ended on a specific day or period of time.

For more information on filtering by date and time, see our Help Center article here.