Ranking Widgets in Daily Digest e-mails

February 28, 2021

Enhance your Daily Digest e-mails with Ranking Widgets to quickly see how your locations and employees are performing.

Solink’s Dashboard was designed to give you visibility on the health and growth of your business with reports that mean the most to you! Our goal was to make these insights easy to access, quickly actionable, and customizable to your liking. To make it even easier to take action on these contextual dashboards, we’ve added the ability to receive them as a part of your Daily Digest that thousands of other Solink users already receive.

Dashboards can now include a special type of report called a “ranking widget”, which allows you to compare important metrics. Ranking widgets provide a consolidated view of data ranked, for example, by location or employee name/number.

Rankings enable you to view how promotions or even drive-thru times are performing across all your stores and enable you to quickly recognize problems that need attention.

With ranking widgets now able to be sent via email Dashboards, you can receive a clear and concise view of all your key business metrics, allowing you to quickly identify when a location is excelling above the rest or another is trailing behind. This adds a high-level view of multi-store operations without the need to spend hours of time searching through receipts or guessing which location is having problems. Ranking widgets do the hard work for you.

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